And So It Begins!


Are you ready? Here we go!

I’ll keep this first post short, but I hope you’re looking forward to many more posts from me down the road.

My goal with this blog is to share my passion for life, friends and family, fitness and adventure. I’m planning to share pictures, recipes, workouts and any and all adventures I have. I hope to inspire you, make you smile and laugh and maybe even cry (hopefully tears from laughing way too hard).

I have to pay tribute to a few blogs that I’ve been following that inspired me to head down this road on this new adventure. Thank you, Brittany from Itty Bits of Balance, Tara from A Daily Dose of Fit and Lisa from Healthful Sense. I subscribe to all three blogs and enjoy receiving their daily updates in my email box.

Just to do a quick update to get this started, I just recently returned from a 2.5 day trip to Indiana with the Penn State women’s volleyball team. The team had a match at Purdue on Friday and at Indiana on Saturday. While on trips with the team, I always try and get out and explore a bit of campus or town. While at Purdue, I received a great tour of their new athletic facilities and managed to get in a nice 3.89 mile run around campus. We arrived in Bloomington Friday night and while the team went to practice on Saturday, I explored Bloomington’s BEAD area (Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District).

First stop was the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch on the courthouse lawn. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

Next stop was the Bloomington Farmers Market behind our hotel. It was row after row of fresh fruit, flowers, vegetables, honey and baked goods. They even had vendors who offered gluten-free and vegan goods. I purchased a pack of honey sticks, a candle made of honey and vegan chocolate chip cookes. They were really very good!

Bloomington Farmers Market

The flight back was smooth until we hit State College. The wind in Happy Valley on Saturday had gusts reaching 40-50 mph. While it had died down some by the evening, the wind was still going strong. The pilot announced we’d be landing in about 20 minutes. It turned out to be a terrifying 20-25 minutes of the plane shaking, pitching and turning side to side as the wind threw our small charter around like it was a toy boat in a hurricane. We flew the length of the valley twice before the pilot attempted to land. It’s very hard to judge how high you are at night flying into State College at night as there are few lights in the surrounding area. The only way I knew we were coming close to the ground was when the tree tops were interfering with my ability to see the lights on campus a few miles from the airport. In addition to the plane being thrown around as we came down, the pilot had to also do a crosswind landing. For those of you who don’t know what that is, here’s a compilation video of several crosswind landings by some really impressive pilots. The second plane is what I can picture our small jet looking like, but we at least didn’t have to abort the landing like that plane ends up doing. The best part was having the pilot come out of the cockpit looking so terrified, yet relieved and say, “So is everyone ok?” I can’t imagine the amount of stress and responsibility he and the copilot felt during the ordeal.

Does anyone else have any scary flight stories?

Hope you had a great start to the week!


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