An Average Day


I thought I’d give you a small peak into my office today. My coworker made fun of me when I was taking pictures, so I had to stop with just two 😦

This is my new docking station. The big screen is great and my keyboard is plenty large and has a nice space for my wrists to sit and relax while I type away. Probably not proper form, but too bad. My laptop can be “ejected” from the station so I can take it with my wherever I go. You know you like my mini pumpkin, as well as my lil’ piece of South Carolina beach paradise in the bowl right next to it.

I have definitely decorated my office and would’ve taken more pictures if my coworker hadn’t interupted me early this morning 😉 I did manage this picture of my some of my favorite wall decorations. The t-shirt and orange head band are part of my tribute to Tough Mudder, as well as the collage frame below. The Viking horns and medal are from Warrior Dash. Both events were a great time, but Tough Mudder was by far my favorite and something I’m super proud of having completed.

I managed to fit in a workout at TFC today at my normal 5:45 pm class. It was a great workout, as usual, capped off by a three-mile run with a few gym friends. If there’s one thing I can always count on, it’s that the workouts I participate in at TFC always relieve whatever stress I’m feeling. I’ve discovered I’m not a person who can run to relieve stress or clear my mind. I know that’s weird. However, I can head to TFC and kick my butt in the group workouts and walk out feeling great and ready to take on whatever challenge comes my way. Tomorrow will be my off day since I have a volleyball match to work. I definitely need the recovery day after running two days in a row. Check out my route from Monday and tonight. Don’t worry, most of the route is lit and has a sidewalk, which is great since it’s getting dark so early these days.

Things to consider: How do you relieve stress or clear your mind?

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my “About” page at the top. It’s been completed!

Quote for the day: “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”


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