The Changing Views of Mt. Nittany


One of my favorite places to visit is Colorado, be it Denver, a ski resort, a small mountain town or the suburban area of Colorado Springs. Life out there is just different. People are friendly and laid back and everything just operates at a different pace. It’s also the perfect place for the active individual. With the mountains, the parks, the rivers and lakes and even the cities, there is just an endless amount of activities to choose from.

My aunt and uncle reside in Colorado Springs, just a short drive from Pike’s Peak. In fact, you can see the mountain from their deck. One thing my aunt loves is waking up to see Pikes Peak each day because it never looks the same. She is very right. Some days are so clear you can almost see the store that sits atop the mountain for those who make the drive or take the train (at least I like to think I can see it). Other days, you can barely see the mountain. There are times when a blizzard is wreaking havoc on the 14,000+ foot mountain, while not even a flurry is falling in the Springs. Then there are the days when a thunderstorm cloud sits itself on top of the Peak. You can watch it rain on the mountain, while getting a tan on my aunt’s deck.

One of my favorite ski resorts I have visited out there is Breckenridge. Regardless of the resort, the mountain views are breathtaking. However, Breckenridge holds a special place in my heart because it was my first Rocky Mountain ski adventure. I follow the resort on Facebook and they always post photos of the mountains. It’s amazing to see how different the views are each day. What’s even more amazing is witnessing the changes that can take place in just a few short hours and sometimes even minutes.

My aunt’s observation that her mountain view is different every day struck a chord with me, although I’m not sure why as I only get to experience the Rocky Mountain views every other year or so. However, a few weeks ago I was walking into work and noticed Mt. Nittany. I see Mt. Nittany multiple times every day, as I drive to work, when I come and go at work and basically drive anywhere in State College. She stands small compared to the Rocky Mountains and even many of the mountains in the Appalachians, but proud. She has a legend all her own.

That particular day I stopped and snapped a photo with my phone. Since then I’ve stopped momentarily on a number of occasions to capture the many views of the mountain. Like Pikes Peak, there are days when the sky is blue and the view is crystal clear, there are days when you can barely see the mountain at all and there are days when rain clouds hover around the summit. Below are several shots (all taken by the camera on my phone, so I apologize for the quality) I’ve taken since September. I plan to continue snapping shots of Mt. Nittany when the mood strikes, as the seasons change and the view seems especially unique on a particular day. I hope you enjoy!

Sept.19, 2011

Sept. 20, 2011...Mt. Nittany sporting a completely new look the very next day.

Oct. 7, 2011 - Mt. Nittany missing in the morning fog.

Oct. 13, 2011

Oct. 23, 2011 - The view, or lack there of, of Mt. Nittany from the onramp to Rt. 322.

The view today, Oct. 26, as I was leaving the BJC at lunch.

Quote for the Day: “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”


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