Two New Giveaways!


Good morning! It’s “What I Ate Wednesday”! However, I’ll be holding off on that posting until the end of the day. For now, I just wanted to alert you all to two giveaways from fellow bloggers.

First from Tara at A Daily Dose of Fit, she’s offering a giveaway of Yumnuts!

These are similar to Blue Diamond and other roasted nuts, but are natural. They don’t have all the oils and other artificial ingredients added by other nut companies. Plus, when you need a good sweet, salty or chocolatey fix, this would be a great alternative to eating a giant Snickers bar from the vending machine. In Tara’s blog, she also has a few ideas of how to incorporate the yumnuts into other dishes likes salads.

These look so yummy!

I’ve already entered to win the giveaway and highly recommend that you do too, especially if you’re a cashew or almond lover! Even if I don’t win, I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for these the next time I’m out food shopping. There’s a few ways to enter and the more you do, the better your chances.

One other thing on Tara’s blog I wanted to share with you all is a new series she’s doing on Wednesday’s called “Workout Wednesday”. She’s a certified personal trainer and each week will be sharing a new workout. Here’s a link to today’s workout, as well as her first one from last week. Both look pretty damn good!

Now on to the other giveaway. A new blog I’ve just started following is Chocolate Covered Katie, a healthy dessert blogs. When I first came across Katie’s blog, the pictures had me sold immediately. She has some amazing looking desserts that are healthy and you can’t tell. Her recipes are also all easy to follow. She even has one for ice cream, which I personally can’t wait to try!

She’s giving away an entire case of Luna Bars. Luna Bars are quite tasty and filling, plus they’re also rather healthy. Like Katie says, even her “nonhealth-foodie friends” enjoy them. She has easy to follow directions to enter. While you don’t have to do all the different entries, the more you do the better your chances.

Good luck! I’ll be back with more later today!

Quote for the Day: “Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything exept tears. In the end that’s all there is: love and its duty, sorrow and its truth. In the end that’s all we have…”


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