A Day Late…


Hello from Kentucky!

I started this post last night, but somehow managed to delete it after it was halfway done so I called it a night instead of starting over. So here I go…Take 2!

I’m on the road with the women’s volleyball team once again. We’re in the postseason and have advanced to the NCAA Regional Semifinals. We play UCLA tomorrow and it should be a good match. We’ll be on ESPN3.com if anyone’s interested šŸ™‚ Pictures to come!

While prepping to leave earlier this week, my coworker pointed out that Kentucky is the 10th state I’ve visited since September. Hopefully there will be a trip to Texas, my 11th state, next week if we can win both matches this weekend. I would love to see San Antonio decorated for the holidays! While considering how much travel I’ve done in just these four months, I also had to consider the entire year. With trips to Hawaii and Alabama, as well as South Carolina, that brings the total to 15 for the year. I didn’t double-count states, but I did visit California twice. Once to the southern part (L.A.) and once to Palo Alto where Stanford is located.

Traveling can be tiring. However, most of the time I feel pretty blessed to be able to see so many different places, especially without emptying my wallet. While most trips are short, I’ve actually discovered that I now want to go back to places I wouldn’t have had any interest in visiting before to do more exploring. It’s also nice to start learning my way around places that we visit yearly so I know where to go the next time I’m back for whatever I might be looking for.

So now I’m in Lexington. This is my first time to the area, but second time to Kentucky. We’re staying in a Hilton Suites, which has a pretty nice location near a few shopping centers. Our hotel room is pretty nice. We have a living room area with a mini kitchenette (yes that’s a tad redundant, but I don’t think I can consider it a full kitchenette) and then a separate bedroom area. Our view from the room looks over a small lake. Can’t wait til the sun comes up and I can actually see it.

With as much travel as I do, I could probably be a hotel critic, especially when it comes to beds. While the Hilton’s beds aren’t comparable to the number one bed in my book, which is the Sheraton’s Sweet Sleeper, it’s not too bad.

I blame the multitude of hotel pillows for why I now sleep with so many when I'm home.

After checking into the hotel, I headed over to the Joseph-Beth Booksellers and managed to find two Christmas gifts. I think I might head back over at some point because I walked around the store more after purchasing the books and realized they had a ton of great stuff I didn’t even see. I did find two books that I definitely am interested in reading though, but since I have a few books at home that I still need to read I decided to not purchase them just yet.

Based on a true story.

This is a book set during WWII.

More to come from Kentucky later!

Now it’s time for…

Ok, I do know it’s Thursday. But like I said, my post from last night got deleted so I’m starting over. Thankful Thursday will come later.

I pretty much start off every morning, with the exception of when I’m on the road, with anĀ Ezekiel English muffin.

These are made by a company calledĀ Food ForĀ Life. Their bread products are made with live grains, which increases the valuable nutrients. What I loveĀ about the english muffins (I also eat Ezekiel bread), isĀ not only how great they tasteĀ but also how filling they are.Ā Half a muffin has four grams of protein, so if you eat the whole muffin you’re getting more protein than an egg. They’re quite delicious with a thin smear of peanut butter or real butter with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.

I was running around a lot yesterday, including hitting the lunch time express boot camp at the gym. I followed the workout with a white chocolate macadamia nut Clif Bar. A few years ago I probably would’ve thought these were gross, but Clif actually makes a lot of great tasting products.

This might be my favorite flavor.

I closed out the day with a Malibu Chopped Salad from Rotelli. Rotelli provides all our meals for the plane. I have to admit, the plane ride was really bumpy until we got out of the winter storm clouds about an hour into the trip. Turbulence makes me really nervous so focusing on eating and listening to Christmas music on my Ipod was a huge help. Sorry I have no picture of my salad, but imagine a nice bed of romaine with tomato, avocado, onions, fresh mozz and grilled chicken.

Well that’s all for now. I’m off to get a workout in, shower and make a trip over to Whole Foods since I’ve never been to one. Then it’s time for a press conference and a team practice.

Oh I almost forgot, Tara over on a Daily Dose of Fit put up a great workout for her “Workout Wednesday” series.

1. Pick one exercise per column.

2. Perform 15 reps, unlessĀ otherwise indicated.

3. Perform the entire circuit three times.

4. Modify as you see fit.

Have a great day!


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