Sunday Run Day


So I’m a little late, but wanted to get this post in before I tackled any holiday posts. It’s been a busy week and it’s not slowing down. Man am I ready to go home and take a break!!!

After a fantastic Christmas party thrown by the owners of the gym I go to, I got up Sunday morning for a nice 10K run. I had suggested to the group that runs three times weekly that we try out the ArtsFest 10K route that I ran this summer. I opted out of drinking at the party so I could get the run in before having to head to work the women’s basketball game. I had taken about two weeks off from running, and despite having hit the gym six times last week including a crazy Master’s class on Saturday, it felt really good to be out there running.

The course begins at Beaver Stadium and follows a similar route of the many 5ks run on the PSU campus. However, it heads out across the IST Bridge to the golf course before looping back towards campus. It’s a nice rolling course with a couple longer hills, but nothing that’s really going to take you out. Here’s the course map. Hopefully you can see it.

Monday came and went, but at least it was productive. I took the day off from the gym and managed to finally put away the laundry that’s been in the dryer for two days. I now need to do about two more loads before heading home this weekend. I also need to finish my Christmas cards, mail them, pack, finish Christmas shopping and clean the entire apartment. I was hoping to bake some more, but that’s not looking promising.

What’s your to-do list look like at this point in the week leading up to Christmas?



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