New York City, V-Day & Burpees


Ok, I’ve already semi-failed at being as consistent as I hope to be with my blog. However, here I am and better late than never right?

So much to tell you all so I’ll try and keep it brief!

Saturday I ran in the first Tussey Teaser of the year, Tussey Teaser #0. It’s the Colyer ‘Sno Big Deal 5.8 Miler, also known as the probable wind chill. Well it certainly wasn’t six degrees out, but it was cold and snowy. The Teaser was out and back on Leg #9 of the Tussey Mountainback, a race I ran with an amazing relay team (Eight is Enough) back in October. The race, which is free, began and ended at Colyer Lake. Minus a short bit on paved road, most of the run was on snow-covered forestry road. Oh and did I mention the first half was almost entirely uphill. There was a short downhill to the turnaround point, but that just meant you had to head back up. Then it was downhill until one final short hill as you neared the lake. Minus some sexy wind/snow burn on my face I faired pretty well, considering a few people did slip. I stuck with a group for the first half of the trek and then went off on my own on the way back. It took me about 53 minutes. Considering I haven’t been running a lot lately since my shins are giving me a bit of trouble again, I’m pretty satisfied. I’m looking forward to improving to hopefully where I was late summer and fall.

Now on to Sunday! I headed to New York with my boyfriend, Gabe, who had a few surprises up his sleeve in addition to the plans we had made together. The trip to NYC was rather uneventful, until I decided to fly out of one of the toll booth areas and something went nutso electronically with my car. We headed to the nearest gas station as I needed gas anyway, and a hot second to chill out since I was kind of freaking out. Anyways, apparently all it took was turning my car off and back on and she was good to go (knock on wood). So we headed into the city and managed to find free street parking on the Upper East Side a few blocks from the Met, our first stop.

I’ve wanted to go to the Met for a long time. Art museums are always enjoyable for me. You travel through centuries and across continents just by moving from room to room and exhibit to exhibit. That is a perfect description for the Met. We looked at everything from European paintings to pottery to suits of armor, not to mention I felt like I was in the movie “Thomas Crown Affair” several times. Below are some photos, including one of a painting by my favorite artist, Degas.

 After the Met, we headed to Shake Shack! For those of you who have seen the moving “Something Borrowed” you’ll know two of the main characters eat there like five times. Apparently there are a couple throughout the city, but only one has outdoor seating, which is where they filmed those scenes of the movie. Yes, it was cold but we sat by an outdoor heater and scarfed down our burgers, fries and took a black & white shake to go. It was yummy!

One of the things I wanted to do for sure, was head to the financial district to hopefully see the 9/11 Memorial. Completely didn’t realize you needed advance tickets to get in. Despite that, it was nice to just get down to that section of the city and see the new Freedom Tower. It has come so far since I last saw it in person in 2009. I look forward to going back sometime soon and getting in to see the full memorial.

It was actually much colder down in the financial district since the water is so close and there’s not much protection, so we didn’t last long. We hopped back on the subway and headed  back uptown. Gabe still wouldn’t tell me where we had to be at 3 p.m., although I guessed it on the map. He kept a straight face and kept the secret promising to tell me when we got to Magnolia Bakery, a place famous for their cupcakes 🙂 So we hopped off at Lincoln Center and headed to Magnolia. Finally, he broke the news we were going to see the New York City Ballet. I was so excited! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to see the Nutcracker numerous times, but have never been to the ballet otherwise, let alone Lincoln Center. I was excited just to see the place. I don’t know how many of you have seen Center Stage (I have it on VHS!), but I felt like I was in the movie when I was walking around the place. The Sunday matinee was four pieces from NYCB’s reportoire, including Interplay, Zakouski, The Seven Deadly Sins and the Vienna Waltzes. All four were wonderful. What I loved most was how diverse the pieces were and the incredible talent of all the dancers. It wasn’t entirely ballet and provided something for everyone in the audience to fall in love with. Let’s just say I can’t wait to go again!

Inside the theatre...absolutely beautiful.

One other thing I forgot to mention was it was Fashion Week in NYC. I wish I had taken pictures of the many crazy outfits and people I saw walking around. Gabe barely batted and eye, but it took a lot for me not to stare amusingly.

From there were headed to the West Side Village. We had a reservation at 7 p.m, but I had no idea where. Once there, we took some time to walk around and Gabe showed me some great places, including this awesome bakery where I ended up buying some bread.

Couldn't pass a heart-shaped loaf of sourdough!

We ended up having dinner at Ayza, a wine and chocolate bar…two favorites of mine. We ordered several “small bites”, including shrimp, mussells, brie, arugula salad and a few other things. Gabe had done their “Sunday Date Night” so we had a single red candle and our table was covered in rose petals. Plus, we got to try this delicious warm, spiced wine and received free truffles for dessert. It was the perfect end to an amazing day!

We had to take a detour due to subway construction to get back to the car, but made it there and we were on our way by 9:30. It was a long trip home, but worth it. Plus, I took Monday off.

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and Gabe and I decided to cook dinner with each other. I found a recipe for lasagna roll-ups and we also had the bread I bought in NYC. Gabe surprised me with roses and so they became our centerpiece for dinner. Afterwards, we melted some chocolate and dipped fruit for dessert. It was definitely a nice evening.

So pretty!

One final thing I have to tell you about is the 115 Royal Burpee Challenge that many of us at the gym have decided to do. You can find out more information here. I got my five in for today…tomorrow it’s six and by June 4 I’ll do 115 in one day. CRAZY! I do have to say that many people say squat thrusts and burpees are the same thing, but those of us at Ki’netik know that they are two very different moves. The jump at the end of a burpee adds a whole new element! One more tidbit about burpees. They’re one of the best cross training moves for runners since they work your whole body from your legs to your core to your upper body. Remind me of that when I’m doing 100+ burpees a day for the last two weeks…

Anyways, so glad to have caught you all up and can’t wait to write again soon! Happy late Valentine’s Day to all of you. Love you!

Quote for the Day: “Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.” ~Swedish proverb


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