Off to the Races!


This afternoon I’m headed to Pittsburgh for the weekend for my first half marathon. I’m running in Just a Short Run, which also offers a 5k, 8.1, half marathon walk and a 30k. Admitedly I’m really nervous and know I didn’t train as intensely as most people do in an effort to protect my shins from a repeat of last summer’s two months in physical therapy. Regardless, while nervous I’m also excited. I was afraid I would have to back out on the race, the third half in less than a year I wouldn’t have been able to do due to work. Thankfully things worked out and I’ll be making it to Pittsburgh, specifically North Park, for the race. While my goal is to simply finish, I’d be lying if I said the competitive side of me didn’t have a time goal. I’m going to refrain from specifying the time I’m shoot to meet or beat for now. Maybe I’ll share once I get the results. Doing it alone is not ideal, but having Gabe at the finish line will be plenty of motivation to keep running. Just hoping for a good, pain-free run. Wish me luck!

I know I direct you all over to A Daily Dose of Fit quite often, but since I read her posts on a daily basis I tend to find some really helpful stuff. Yesterday afternoon she had a great about her sister who’s going after her goals. It was just what I needed to read before this weekend and since I’m really trying to get back on track myself after three weeks of traveling and eating out constantly. To quote Tara, “Only you can really make a difference in your life. Only you can really make the decision to eat well, to workout and to live healthy. That’s right, only you.” I struggle with this idea often because there will always be people who try to talk you out of your goals, who don’t want you to succeed simply because they themselves refuse to try. But starting now, I’m pledging to take care of myself, to run this race (and many more), to cut out the crap, to hit the gym and the pavement, to finish my grad school apps, to just be better. And I’m going to do it for me, no one else. With support or without, preferably the former 🙂

More importantly, I hope you’ll start taking care of yourself too. Like Tara says, “It might be hard at first, and you’ll certainly take two steps forward and a few steps back on occasion. But that’s completely normal. It’s life. And life is meant to be lived.” She may have been writing this in regards to eating healthy, but I think it fits other areas of our lives just as well.

She finished her post with a question and an answer that was perfect as I head into this weekend.

“Today, I want you to ask yourself this one thing: Can I do it?

“And then I want you to look in the mirror and say: Yes, damn right I can.”

So when I stand at the start line with my pace group wondering what the hell I’m doing? Whether I can actually do it? I’ll know the answer. Yes, damn right I can!

Before I go, just wanted to remind you about Tara’s giveaway of a case of Chobani yogurt. You can enter here. In addition, another blog I read religiously is hosting a giveaway for a $150 Technogel pillow. I entered and so should you!

Oh! Did you all enter for the Mega Millions jackpot? It’s a $1 and they’re drawing tonight. Get your booty to the store and get yourself at least one ticket! Oh and I expect a small share of your winnings since I told you to do it…haha jk! No seriously, I’ll take like $25,000…you won’t even notice it. I swear 😉


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