Philly Road Trip!


Hello! It’s time for another update and I have lots of photos to share!

I was on the road again this past weekend and once again it was for pleasure and not work. Whoo-hoo! Sometimes that feels like a rarity. Granted I had to do work while away, but at least I wasn’t on another work trip.

On Friday, I hopped in the car for a road trip with Gabe and his roommate Sheena to Philadelphia. The trip had two purposes, a double-date weekend with Sheena and her fiance, Tom, and a bridal shower for my girl Melissa in Reading. The trip was smooth. I made great time and Sheena and Gabe proved to be quite entertaining in the car. There was lots of talking going on, which made the drive go pretty quickly.

After arriving at Tom’s and after he whipped me up a delicious salad with grilled chicken and homemade croutons (he lives in west Philly, BTW, near UPenn), we headed over to Local, a bar a few blocks from his place. They had a lot of unique, local beers and their homemade chips with horseradish sauce on the side were delightful. Right next store was an awesome bottle shop. It had this fancy second level room with tons of unique, special edition beers.

Saturday morning, Tom whipped us up some eggs to our liking with toast and coffee, well orange juice for me. I headed off to Melzy’s bridal shower in Reading, about an hour away, while the three of them went out and about in the city. Melzy’s shower was at the Reading Country Club, which was this beautiful castle-style building on a golf course. We had an intimate room and delicious food and desserts. The bridesmaids did a great job with the planning, even including a “candy bar” where we could fill bags with chocolates, lollipops and other assorted goodies!

While I purchased items off the wedding registry for Melissa’s wedding gifts, I went the creative route with her bridal shower gift. Similar to the gift I made Lauren last year, I made Melissa a wine basket. I chose a different style this time and need to thank Heather Vreeland at Occasions Magazine for sharing her designs. I was able to edit the cards as I pleased and get the color scheme as close to Melissa’s chosen colors as I could. Check out the finished product!

I weaved the ribbons through the basket. A glue gun definitely came in handy to keep the ribbons in place.

An example of one of the cards. The others included, "Wedding Night", "First Fight", "First Christmas", and "First Baby".

I had a ton of fun putting it together and it was nice to be creative and crafty. I haven’t decided if I’ll do this for every shower I go to, but so far it’s been a big hit. There are so many versions out there too.

After the shower, I headed back into the city and headed to dinner with the other three at Distrito. We decided to do the tasting, which gives you several courses and lets you try a bit of everything. The food was delicious and I couldn’t get over the decor. Pink was definitely the theme. There was a volkswagon beetle you could sit in, swings and just the most colorful assortment of tables and chairs. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in Philly. After dinner, Gabe and I walked around the UPenn area before going to the Tap House for a drink. They have an awesome deck to sit outside, but it was just a tad chilly. Maybe next time!

Sunday morning after a breakfast of bagels, we headed to Old Town. I love history so I had a lot of fun sharing some fun facts with everyone. The weather was perfect and it was nice to get out and walk around. Sheena and I took some awesome photos mimicking some statues, which I’ll have to share eventually.

A memorial to all of the unknown soldiers buried in the grounds of Washington Square. George Washington stands guard over their final resting place.

Gabe soaking in some history!

Beautiful historic church

Simple, but lovely

Totally couldn't find the organ for awhile and was beginning to think they just used a piano. Clearly I just needed to look up.

After taking in some history, we walked around some great shops in Old Town.

Now who doesn't want one of these on their desk at work?

Gabe found his ideal chair...imagine a cigar in one hand and maybe a drink in the other.

We had a late lunch at the Reading Terminal Market downtown before grabbing some amazing gelato at Capogiro. It was delicious. I was able to try three different flavors in one cup, dark chocolate, amish milk and stracciatella (chocolate chip). MMMMMMMmmmmm!

The trip back to State College was long after such a great weekend. Monday I headed home to see the ‘rents as my mom was being honored as a semifinalist for Teacher of the Year. I actually saw my seventh grade language arts teacher and my fifth grade math teacher was also one of the original nominees. It’s always great to see great educators get recognized, especially when one is your mom!

Now it’s back to the grind for a few weeks before finally going on vacation in May. Hope you’re all hanging in there and I’ll be back to update soon!


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