Purple Mountain Majesty, Amber Waves of Grain


I have been meaning to share the following photos with you all for some time, but life just kept getting in the way. How dare it! Anyway, when returning from California in early May I managed to get a window seat on the way home on the south side of the plane. It was a beautiful, crystal clear day across much of the country. An utterly perfect day for flying. Flying makes me crazy nervous, but I’ve discovered if I stay occupied that I tend to be able to relax a lot more. So on this particular flight I whipped out my camera and decided to document the trip across the U.S. of A. I tried to pick the best of the photos, ones that also will show you the dramatic change in the landscape along the way. I took a ton so I did my best to narrow it down.

Shortly after take off when portable electronics were allowed to be used. These are the mountains in Southern Cali.

After the mountains the desert begins. It’s amazing how barren, how sparse this area is and how there’s virtually no human presence.

The start of the Grand Canyon. It’s amazing from the sky. I really want to visit it.

More of the Grand Canyon. I love the zoom on my camera.

I love all the different colors!

Zoomed in to show the river that cut the canyon.

Amazing rock formations!

Pretty sure these are irrigated fields in the middle of the dessert. Regardless, it’s neat to see such green in such a barren landscape. The human presence.

The southern portion of the Rockies, still snow covered in May.

A ski resort from the sky!

Crossing the “Great Plains” region. The start of the greenery.

In college I took a geography course on the U.S. One of the things we learned about was the Public Land Survey System. It was the surveying method used historically on large parcels of undeveloped, “wild” land such as the Louisiana Purchase. If you click the provided link and scroll down you’ll see a diagram on the right side of the page showing how land was divided, subdivided and subdivided again geometrically. If you then scroll further down, you’ll see a similar photo to the one I took (above) in Kansas. Neat, huh?

Part of a storm we flew around.

Starting our trek north along the eastern portion of the country. Sooooo green!

The Appalachians.

I’m thinking this was Virginia.

It’s trips like these where I really see how wonderful and beautiful this country is. While it’s very hard to go anywhere without running into another soul, there really are miles and miles of untouched land that I hope remain that way. It’s also very interesting to see how we have altered our landscape, adapting it to our needs or making ourselves adapt to the environment.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Now go out and explore!


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