Outdoor Boot Camp #2


I only made it to outdoor boot camp once last week. Oops! But at least I made it to indoor three other days, including Friday where we had the awesome sweatfest known as a “lanes” workout. Let’s just say by the time we made it to the third and final circuit and I hit the burpees, I was toast. It was great though!

There was a master’s class Saturday morning, but I decided to sleep in before a busy day. Gabe and I went to visit two apiaries to remove cages around three queen bees he had been manipulating into laying only male bee eggs (drones). He works mostly with drones so with extensive planning, they can manipulate the queen bees into laying mostly male eggs for up to two days. He is hoping for about 400-500 drones. I actually held my first frame from within a hive and managed to not freak out or drop it, which would have been unbelievably bad. After that we headed out to Way Fruit Farm for some strawberry picking. We picked about 3 3/4 lbs of strawberries and will be making strawberry preserves tonight with his roommate. After a nice three hours laying at the pool with a few Kinetik friends as part of a relaxing celebration of my friend Lori’s b-day, we all headed to The Autoport for a going away party for our friend Heidi. Sunday my parents came to town and brought Abby along too. It was a nice short visit 🙂 After they left, Gabe and I got some Rita’s (I highly recommend the new pear flavor) and walked around campus. We then headed BACK to The Autoport to actually celebrate Lori’s birthday. I ordered a strawberry daquiri and was so thirsty it was gone in probably under five minutes. Oops!

5:10 a.m. came super early this morning and I almost didn’t get up. However, I somehow managed to perk myself up enough to head over to the community tennis courts for some boot camp action. In the end I’m glad I did and it’s nice to already have my workout completed for the day. Plus, I was able to watch an amazing sunrise over Mt. Nittany. You can see the mountain at a different angle than most places and I don’t think I’ve ever watched the sunrise over Mt. Nittany before. I would’ve taken a picture, but as I said I was working out and pictures never, ever do sunrises or sunsets any justice. You just can’t capture the magnificence of them. It’s better to just remember.

Today’s workout was a great start to my Monday morning. I’m not quite sure what the timing was, but for the sake of this we’ll say it was 50 seconds each. Here goes!

Started out with a short warmup/stretch session and then ran a loop around all seven tennis courts.

Circuit #1
(six stations,  2x around, 50 seconds at each station)

Alternating rows with bands
Alternating chest press with bands
Bent over rows with 25 lb sand bag
Jump Rope
Squat pulse

Loop around all seven tennis courts

Circuit #2
(six stations, 2x around, 50 seconds at each station)

Rows with the band (two arms together)
Chest press with bands (two arms together)
Curls and shoulder press with 25 lb sand bag
T-Rotations with a push-up
Jump Rope
Full squats

Tennis court shuttle run – run width of one court and back, then two courts and back, three courts and back, etc.

Circuit #3
(abs, 30-45 seconds each, 2x through)

bicycle crunches
full sit-ups
windshield wipers
flutter kicks
straightleg bicycles
double crunch
plank runner

Video examples are linked to some of the exercises. Hope you all have a great day!


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