Virtual 5k Recap & Some Summer Fun


How was your weekend? It was beautiful here in State College and my weekend was definitely full to the brim.

Saturday morning I ran in the Crack O’ Dawn 5k in Boalsburg. There was a free pancake breakfast after. It was a lot of fun. The first mile is entirely uphill, then you head back down, across Boalsburg and spend the next mile running uphill again before heading back down to the center of town to the finish line. When we arrived it was nice and cool outside, but the sun certainly warmed things up quickly. The climbs were long, but I’d run the first half of the race on another run before so I knew how to pace myself. The second hill was a tad tougher as I didn’t know where it ended and there were several turns that kept you from seeing the turn around point. The overall winner, a 22 year old local, finished in 16:43. I ended up running at 26:17, over a minute longer than my PR, but considering the hills I was completely satisfied with that. I was the seventh female to finish and placed second in my age group (20-29). I received a cute little ribbon that has the name of the race and “Steppin’ Lively in Boalsburg, Pa.” on it. Very cute. Overall it was a fun local race that I’d definitely do again. I mapped the route here for you to see.

Here is a photo of Regan, Gabe, Michel, Joyce and I after the race before we went to enjoy some pancakes, the raffle and the award ceremony.

I was also charged with dog-sitting my friend’s lab, Tucker. He’s somewhere in the 2-3 year range, so he’s still retaining some puppy tendencies but has certainly grown up quite a bit. He’s a big guy, but a big sweetheart who is eager to please at all times. He’s a great walker, so I made sure to take him on plenty of walks. He also listens pretty well and while it takes some coaxing, he normally walks right in his kennel. I mean, he was getting a peanut butter filled kong so that definitely helped. I had him until Sunday afternoon and he was great to have around for the weekend. I know I’ll be vacuuming up dog hair for awhile, but I reduced the amount by vacuuming once while he was there. Yes I know, I’m a neat freak.

Saturday afternoon was super busy as I was throwing a surprise bridal shower for Gabe’s roommate Sheena. I’ll do a recap on that later, but the shower was a complete success. She was super surprised, everyone had a great time and she got some lovely gifts. Afterward we headed to Zola’s to start her Bachelorette party. As I said, more to come later 🙂 I do have to send a big thanks to Gabe, Katie, Jen and Sheena’s fiance, Tom, for all their help to make it a success.

On Sunday morning, Gabe and I headed to his lab so he could do a little bit of work. He fed some bees he’s using for one of his experiments before going to collect any newly hatched drones from one of the hives to paint them. Drones are rather lazy critters, especially newbies, and they tend to just sit in the container while you paint them. They do get a bit grumpy, but it takes a lot to make them mad unlike the female workers.

After that we headed to a new cafe on Aaron Dr. called Callao. They use local ingredients. It was cute and our rubens were tasty so I’m sure we’ll visit again! We stopped at the neighboring pet store, Wiscoy, where we played with two cats visiting from Centre County Paws, as well as two adorable kittens. They were super soft, tiny and sweet.  While we were planning to go to the pool, we decided to put that off until next weekend since the sun wasn’t consistently out. We headed over to Tussey Mountain for a hike instead. We headed up the “elbow” to get to the top, which is the easy, green trail at the mountain. It was also the only one with the chest high grass cut. We ended up seeing a snake and tons of different bugs including a really pretty butterfly. Awhile back I think I told you all about the Lost Ladybug Project. We ended up finding a number of ladybugs and I was able to photograph a few to turn in to the project. Here are the ladybugs I submitted.

One of the many butterflies.

The beautiful view from the top.

We also goofed around taking timed photos on the ski lift 🙂

Hope you all had a fun weekend. Do anything exciting? I’ll be back with more about the bridal shower. Have a great day!


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