Sheena’s Bridal Shower


A few months back after a weekend trip to Philly, I decided to begin planning a bridal shower for Gabe’s roommate, Sheena. Sheena is getting married August 18 in Los Angeles. I’m super excited. I can’t wait to share in the celebration and experience a wedding dramatically different from every wedding I have ever attended. Sheena is Indian and she and her fiance are following through with a great many of the traditional Indian wedding festivities. It will be amazing and I can’t wait!

Anyway, I decided to give Sheena a bridal shower, which is something I guess is more of an American tradition. But before I dive into that let me fill you in on some things. You see, I love weddings. I have since I was a little girl. I suppose I was conditioned to be that way. My mom is the music director at a church at home and I am pretty positive I attended a vast majority of the weddings she played for well into my teen years. I know for many weddings are a pain and stressful, and I’ll fully admit that I missed seeing all that by just attending as a child to see what I felt was a fairy tale come to life. While I know now that weddings aren’t as simple as most come off to be on the actual day, I still am just as in love with them. I know most music by heart, even the songs I’ve heard many a soloist sing. I am incredibly against using “Here Comes the Bride”, as it’s from an opera where the bride dies. Who ever thought that was a good idea? I’ve watched styles of dresses change, flowers come and go in every color and everything from rice, to bubbles, to bird seed thrown as the bride and groom head to their waiting limo. I have seen the pastor ask for the rings only to see a Maid of Honor scream, “Oh no!” and go running out of the church only to return moments later with the ring. I have been to weddings that have started on time and more often to weddings that have started almost an hour late thanks to, believe it or not, some relative of the bride and most often the mother. I’ve watched brides and grooms share respectable kisses, as well as some not so respectable kisses, and witnessed small children scream and yell instead of walking down the aisle as the flower girl or ring bearer. I have even seen bridesmaids faint. With ALL that, here I am a lover of weddings and all things related.

I know what you might be thinking. I’m just dying to run down the aisle to my own fairy tale. While I do want to get married and have realized it may be the only wedding I’m ever in, I’m not in a hurry. My time will come and when it does, I will walk, not run, to my waiting groom, all the while hoping the SMALL crowd of people I’ve invited are looking at him and not me. That’s another thing, everyone knows you always look at the groom to see his face when he first sees the bride. That says it all.

So as a self-defined lover of weddings I sometimes think I missed my calling in life. Maybe I should’ve been a wedding planner, or at least a party/events planner. Maybe in my next life. Maybe on the side. This is yet to be seen. Regardless, or shall I say irregardless for my six best heifer friends (and now we’re not actually heifers, we just eat like those cute mammals when we’re together), I decided to put my ideas and what I was hoping would be “talents” to the test for Sheena. Back in April I enlisted the help of Gabe, Jen, and Gabe’s fellow entomology friends Katie and Elina to begin the planning. We decided on the guest list, the invitations, finishing the night with the Bachelorette party, and also put together some possible ideas for food. Things came together slowly and once we got the final tally we finalized the food and drinks. I managed to keep costs down by making some decorations, purchasing the invites on etsy and splitting up the food items. I also purchased these small tags for the guests to write wishes to the bride. I might have forgotten to mention she also studies bees, hence the “Meant to Bee” on the tags.

My cake!

The bride 🙂

Getting ready to hit the town for the bachelorette. We stopped at Zola’s first.

In the end we dubbed it a “modern” bridal shower as it was co-ed, plus we needed Tom’s help to get the bride out of the house so we could set up. The shower was a complete success. Sheena had absolutely no idea about it and was incredibly surprised. And in her words four days later, “I’m still on a high from the weekend!” That’s all the confirmation I needed.

I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Gabe, Jen, Elina, Katie and Tom for all their help the past few months. It wouldn’t have been possible without you 🙂 And as a shameless self plug, I’m available in the future for any party planning needs you may have 🙂


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