Rails to Trails


I finally feel like it’s summer. Despite no longer having a personal cell phone for the time being, the rest of the weekend was a blast.

Saturday I headed downtown for lunch with a friend. An annual music festival was going on so it was nice to hear live music while eating outside. Despite it looking like it was going to storm, we then headed to the pool for a few hours. Afterward, Gabe took me to dinner at Indian Pavilion. I have to say, the food was very good and I loved the Na’an. The service there is also quite good. I’ll definitely be back.

Sunday I joined four gym friends for a 34 mile bike ride on the Lower Trail of the Rails to Trails of Central Pa. We parked at the end closest to Alexandria and did the entire route out and back. It is entirely flat, which is great, but also means you are pedaling the entire time. There is no coasting. There was a nice breeze and a nice chunk of the trail is shaded. The scenery is beautiful and it’s very peaceful. The path takes you right past the small town of Williamsburg, where on the way back I decided to take a break and eat a Gatorade bar and down an entire bottle of water. It had gotten quite hot by lunch time. There are plenty of places to park along the trail so you don’t have to do the entire thing or if you prefer to do just a portion. There are also mile markers the entire way so it is also a great place to train for runs, especially long distance. I look forward to going again sometime.

Most of the trail follows a branch of the Juniata and there are actually a few bridges you pass over.

Four miles in and feeling good!

34 miles complete! Tired, but had a great time!

I have to say my knees were killing me Sunday night, but they feel fine today. And as expected, my butt was definitely sore from the seat. Guess I just need to ride more!

Ivy and I hit the pool when we got back around 3 pm. There was still plenty of time to get some sun and relax. The water felt great and I went down the slides a few times. After Gabe and I went to Wegman’s for dinner, I made a salad and he got some Sushi and we came home to finish the movie “We Bought A Zoo” that we had started the night before. It’s really cute and I highly recommend it. However, don’t get too excited about visiting the zoo the movie is based on as I discovered it’s in the UK even though the movie is clearly set in the US.

After a trip to the gym over lunch, I stopped at panera for the “You Pick Two” special. I just want to thank Panera for creating such a delicious and pretty summer salad. Although I recommend making sure the container is closed before you shake it to distribute the dressing and it pops out onto your lap 😦 FAIL! It was only a little so I still got to enjoy the rest.


Tonight a group of us are heading to the Spikes game. It’s “Buck Night” so hotdogs, peanuts and small sodas are all $1. Plus the park will be filled with dogs as it’s also “Bark in the Park” night! Should be fun!


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