A New Adventure Begins


Last night I took a big step and registered for my first graduate school course through Johns Hopkins. Whoo!

I’m embarking on a new journey and know it will be a challenge managing both school and work. I know I’m up for the challenge and that it’s a step towards achieving some personal goals. I will only be taking one class this fall to break myself in to the whole “school” thing again. Can’t believe it’s been for years since I graduated from college! From then on the goal is to take two at a time and finish my degree in around 2-3 years. That sounds far away, but I know it will fly by.

I decided on taking an elective as my first class and settled on Political Communication Campaigns, which I think will be really interesting with the presidential election coming up. According to the description, “The class will expose students to the practical applications of the communication process as used in contemporary political campaigns, including the use of new technologies and social media.” There’s a lot more in the description, but that gives you an idea. I’m really looking forward to the start. Now I just need to order the books!

On another note, I updated my “About” page. While I still plan on sharing photos and other events through my blog with all of you, I hope to find a more difinitive direction in the coming weeks and months. Bear with me as I find my voice through my words.