Pinterest to the Rescue!


Greetings from Louisville, Ky. I thought I’d kill a few minutes with a quick update since it has been a little while since my last post.

It’s been a hectic week or so with traveling to a wedding (more on that later) and the fall sports season starting at Penn State. I’m currently in Kentucky with the women’s volleyball team for a tournament hosted by Louisville. We defeated Morehead State this evening and face Western Kentucky and the host Cardinals tomorrow evening. The weather is warm here and the sun has been shining. The hotel isn’t so great, but the beds are nice. I slept really well last night. Apparently the hotel has a gym, although I have on idea where. All I know is that the only machine in it that works is the bike. Stationary bikes, unless I’m in a spinning class, aren’t really my thing.

However, Pinterest came to the rescue! Awhile ago I started a board for workouts. I figured they might come in handy at times like this when I’m traveling and can’t keep up with my daily visits to Ki’netik. Here’s the one I chose this evening.

It was a good one and I was definitely sweating by the time I got through three rounds. It was great because I could do it right in my room, even with the little space I had. No equipment required! Just goes to show that you can get in a workout even when you’re in a time crunch or aren’t able to hit an actual gym. I’ll have to pick another circuit from my Pinterest board tomorrow.

So as I mentioned, last weekend I traveled to a wedding. It was in LA and I went with Gabe. The wedding was for his roommate, Sheena, and her now husband, Tom. Sheena had a traditional Indian wedding with events starting on Thursday. I want to do a post on this early next week, but wanted to just tell you what a great trip and experience it was overall. It was so neat to witness and be a part of something so different than any wedding I had experienced before. In addition, the hospitality of Sheena’s entire family and their close friends was incredible. We were fed, housed and chauffeured around like family. I don’t think we could thank any of them enough for all they did, even with so much going on all weekend. More on the whole experience soon, but here’s a picture of the beautiful bride before her engagement party on Thursday!

Alright, it’s back to work so I can get to bed!


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