Fall Weekends Begin


It was another lovely Fall weekend in State College. My brother and his girlfriend came to town to watch the football game, which Penn State won! We managed to hit up the Waffle Shop and do some shopping, and they also fit in a trip to Duffey’s Tavern in Boalsburg for dinner. It was nice to have some family in town as I definitely don’t see them enough.

I actually had a Friday night off with no events for once! It was really nice. I did practically nothing. Can you blame me? Saturday morning I got up early for a master’s class at the gym. It was a tough one, but really good and I was wiped out come Saturday night after working football and volleyball. At the football game, we tried a new thing called “Crowd Cameo”. Fans could e-mail in photos of themselves tailgating or at the game and they could end up on the scoreboard. I was the one picking the photos for the scoreboard. We received sooo many great photos and it was really hard to pick. There were also restrictions to the photos I can pick because of the scoreboard screen and the footer that went across the bottom of the photo on the board. Regardless, it went really well and I managed to get my brother and Kaelynn up there!

Sunday morning we went shopping downtown for some new Penn State gear. They made out pretty well in that department. After they headed home around 1, I went to Tudek Park for the inaugural Free to Breathe Lung Cancer 5k. My friend Michel told me about it and who doesn’t love a good 5k? I met her there and the trail took us around Tudek Park twice, with a small section of the course leaving the park to enable you to reach the full 5k distance. It was a nice rolling course. It was a really successful first time for the event and I’d definitely do it again. The weather was chilly, but once we started running it was quite nice. I ended up winning my age group (20-29), was the third overall female, and running the race in 25:45, which was pretty satisfying since I haven’t been running too regularly.

I decided awhile to display some of my running results in my office. The wall has since grown quite a bit since I put up my Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash stuff. Obviously it’s not nearly as large as I’d like it to be due to the fact I can’t do races that often with my schedule, but I still enjoy having it up there as part of the decor.

It’s really fun to participate in races, both large and small in size and distance. Yeah there’s competition, but what I love is that people cheer for everyone. It ends up being a great experience for all involved.

So that’s all for now. Hope you all had a great weekend!


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