Weekend Recap


It’s been awhile since I’ve run a race, but finally an opportunity presented itself in the Run for Shelter 5k here in State College. The 5k benefited the Housing Transitions, Inc., which provides a variety of housing services to county residents in need. It was the first annual event. Despite some disorganization (and the fact my friend Ivy got jipped on an award), the event raised $13,000.

My friend Michel let me know about the race. It was her birthday, but she came in the cold and dreary weather to run it anyway. Happy Birthday again, Michel! We headed to Dunkin Donuts afterward and tried out their new Red Velvet donuts. They’re quite yummy. Obviously it completely undid whatever calories we may have burned while running, but oh well they were yummy!

Ivy and I ran together the entire race. I thought I had figured out where the course was going to go beforehand, but I was way off. It included two big hills. For those of you who know the area, the Fraser Street hill was smack in the middle of the race followed by the Allen Street hill (on the end closest to Easterly Parkway) was in the last 1/4 mile. Despite what Ivy says, she was definitely pushing me to run at a good pace the whole time. We finished just a second apart. I was happy with my time, it was improved about 40 seconds from a 5k I did in September that had a few rolling hills, but not the steep monster of Fraser Street hill. I ended up winning my age group and got a gift card to n’V Boutique in Boalsburg.

On Sunday, Gabe and I headed away for an overnight trip. I booked us a room at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, Pa. as an early anniversary surprise. I fell in love with the resort a few years ago shortly after it received an incredible renovation in 2007. I also feel like I hold the resort in a special place in my heart as my paternal grandparents honeymooned there somewhere around WWII (I think after). It’s kind of neat to think about what it was like then vs. now. The resort was founded almost 200 years ago after eight springs were discovered as a place people could come for health benefits. A resort grew around the springs and a spa, that is still famous today was built using those mineral springs. The resort has a ton of historic significance, including housing parts of the U.S. Navy during WWII and captured Japanese Diplomats near the end of the war. Ten U.S. presidents have also visited the property, including Buchanan who used the resort as his “Summer Whitehouse” to help with the stress of being President. The resort closed in 1986 and fell into disrepair and the land was purchased in 1998 and restored in 2007 to its traditional grandeur. Channel 40 on the hotel TVs tell you all about the history of the property and the renovation. Gabe and I watched it for quite awhile. They kept so much of the original structures, design, etc. It was an incredible undertaking, but they did a fantastic job. One of the major changes was enlarging the rooms. In some sections three rooms were made into two, while in other sections two rooms were combined into one. They kept much of the original glass from the windows and there are hallways where the walls are arched or even leaning. I love the character things like that provide.

Our room was in the historic wing all the way at the very end on the first floor. The porches on each floor wrap around to the side, so we had access to the porch. The room was beautiful and the shower had one of those rain showerheads. I seriously have to have a bathroom with one of those one day! We explored the hotel a little bit before heading out on a hike. There are several hiking trails on their property, so we did the one mile loop. On a side note, Bedford Springs has an award winning golf course originally laid out in 1895 and remodeled in 1923 by architect Donald Ross.

After our hike, we relaxed in our room before having a lovely dinner at The Crystal Room. The food at Bedford Springs is outstanding. Gabe had duck, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and I had a delicious filet with jumbo shrimp, asparagus and mashed potatoes. Despite the cool evening, we headed outside to the fire and made s’mores before heading into the Tavern for beer and a few games of pool. I won 2 of the 3 games! Monday morning we had breakfast back in The Crystal Room before departing. We stopped in a few shops in Bedford before completing our trek back to State College to go to work. While it might sound like a low key night, it was perfect. It was really relaxing, quiet and just some much-needed time away together. Here are some pictures of the trip. They’re all from my phone, so I apologize for the bad lighting or any blurriness.

Bedford Springs Resort

Checking out the resort from the bridge.

Maybe halfway through our hike.

The trail up the backside of the mountain.

Really pretty log along our hike.

Watching sunset from the bridge.

Never underestimate the joys of playing on a tree swing, even as an adult.

They had silhouettes of all the presidents who visited Bedford Springs. Here are George Washington and Martha.

Beautiful walkway along the front of the hotel. Reminded me of one of the upperclass decks on the Titanic with the lounge chairs along the windows.

I love this antique stove! It sits outside the Tavern.

Checking out the list of spirits at the Tavern while enjoying incredibly comfy chairs.

The money shot…

Hopefully we’ll get to do something like this again soon!

Hope all is well! Have a great rest of the week!


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