Salad Time


For what seems like the first time in forever (or ever), I was actually excited at the prospect of cooking dinner this week. After months of traveling, which at times seemed non-stop, cooking was something I no longer had time for. I wasn’t able to make grocery lists, plan meals, or ultimately cook. I mean I guess you could argue I’m making excuses, but when you leave on a Tuesday and get home Wednesday at 2 am and then leave again Friday and return at 2 am on Saturday and then spend the rest of your time at work, when exactly does planning, shopping and cooking fit into the picture? Well it really doesn’t. I basically often just wasn’t eating dinner. I’d grab some fruit, some snacks or just buy something. There are major problems with that, at least for me.

1. I’m probably not grabbing the healthiest things out of my cupboard or fridge.
2. I’m spending more money eating out then I would if I went to the grocery store and cooked my meals.
3. I didn’t actually keep much food around since I started to throw more and more of it out the more and more I traveled.

After the women’s volleyball team’s season ended last Thursday, I realized I finally get the life back that I really want to have. I want to be able to work during the day, come home, hit the gym and then put together a nice, healthy, tasty dinner. That’s what I want things to be like most of the time, and I am hoping beyond hope that that’s what the next eight months bring me. What’s scary is this goes against my normal way of thinking. I honestly don’t want to be in the kitchen all the time. Yeah, I like to bake but I like baking because I’m relatively decent at it. While I’d say I can cook, I wouldn’t say I’m great at it and god forbid there’s not a recipe. I also have my fair share of other reasons, but I’ll keep those to myself this time.

So after a delicious beef stew dinner on Sunday, I found a salad recipe I thought sounded good. I realize you don’t need a recipe for a salad, you can probably just throw some things in a bowl together and voila, a salad! However, it caught my eye in the Food and Family magazine I get so I decided to try it.


It’s an apple-cranberry salad. Here’s a link to the recipe. I made a few slight changes. I used arugula instead of regular lettuce and bought chives to cut up instead of buying whole green onions. Giant apparently didn’t feel like carrying those on Sunday. I also only used one apple, which was plenty. I baked some chicken seasoned with Adobo and tossed it in a little raspberry vinaigrette. It was quite yummy and very filling. Plus it was colorful and that’s always a good thing!

While tonight I’ll be eating dinner out, I plan on cooking my personal favorite tomorrow. It’s round steak cooked all day in a crockpot with beef broth, horseradish and chopped onion and peppers. I’ll share the recipe then. Until then, have a great rest of the day!


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