Trail Running with Friends


On Sunday I completed my first trail run of the winter season with some good friends from Ki’netik Fitness. We are all planning to run in the Humdinger in March, a 7.1 trail run in Danville, Pa. Several members of the gym have participated in this race in the past, but this year Ki’netik decided to make it one of its events this spring. Looks like a whole crew will be heading to Danville to run the race, which will make it a lot of fun.

In preparation, the owner of the gym is organizing regular trail runs of varying lengths since many people haven’t done something like this before. Since some of us couldn’t make the first couple runs, a few of those who did led us on a short 3 mile trail run this past Sunday on the backside of Tussey Mountain. We recently got about 6-8 inches of snow so the trails are soft and it just seems so quiet back in the woods. It is really enjoyable.

Obviously trail running can be a bit tricky. It works your ankles, legs and feet a bit different than running on the road. When there’s not snow, you’re often avoiding rocks or trees and holes. I have to admit, I spend a good deal of time looking slightly down, but ahead to see where I’ll be stepping next. I also like trail running because it forces you to work hard but also learn to adjust your speed as needed. The mountains here in PA might not be big, but the trail climbs can be long and steep or be made up of short rollers. Both challenge in different ways.

Obviously I mentioned that we have had 6-8 inches of snow. While much has melted in our yards, the woods are still covered. While it’s possible to run in just regular running shoes or trail shoes, we all have invested in a bit of extra traction. Yak Trax! These offer great traction in snow and on ice and you can’t even feel them underneath your shoe. Since I purchased mine two years ago, they’ve also put out a Yak Trax Run, which offer a combo of spikes and steel coils. I personally love my Yak Trax Pro, especially since you can use them for anything from running (even on snow/ice covered pavement), to hiking, to walking down your ice-covered driveway to get your trashcan.

Yak Trax

Yak Trax

So with my Yak Trax strapped on, we headed out on our three mile run behind Tussey. It was beautiful, quiet and we all found the air to be quite refreshing out there. Hoping to head out there again today and probably Friday.

View from the parking lot where we started.

View from the parking lot where we started.

On the trail!

On the trail!

The crew (minus Jodi who took the picture) at the halfway point.

The crew (minus Jodi who took the picture) at the halfway point.

More pictures from future trail runs to follow. I also might try to cook again tonight and if it’s yummy, maybe I’ll share 🙂


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