Humdinger 2013 – Race Recap


A few months ago 20-something members of Ki’netik signed up to run the Humdinger 7.1 Trail Run in Danville, Pa. A few members had run it in previous years, but it was great having a whole group together to do it. Leading up to it we did a number of trail runs on our mountains around Happy Valley. Most were on snow covered trails. On Saturday we lucked out with no snow and even some sun, but we did get some mud!

The race, despite the cold, is designed to be fun from the start. First some of us participated in a Harlem Shake Video. Thankfully you can’t see me! Then at the start, they separate the bib numbers by evens and odds. Then you have to run through each other. Eventually the two groups come together on the other side of the corn field. The squealing in that video is quite comical.

The rest of the race is almost all trail. There’s one brief section of road, and by brief I mean like 1/10 of a mile, about a mile from the finish line. Other than that you’re on single track trail going up and down and all over the mountain. It was muddy, slippery, steep and most of all a lot of fun. Here are some photos I stole from Facebook.

The "even" half of the Ki'netik group!

The “even” half of the Ki’netik group!

The "odd" half!

The “odd” half!

Before I share more photos, I forgot to mention there are some obstacles at the end of the race. After going back and forth through a muddy creek for the final mile, you have to find a way to climb to the second story of the Pig Barn.

Me climbing one section of the muddy creek bank.

Me climbing one section of the muddy creek bank.

There was a rock climbing wall, a rope wall, a cargo net or hail bails. If you chose not to do the rock wall, which they weren’t recommending after a certain point due to how wet and muddy it was, you could choose one of the other three. They got easier as you went. I opted for the rope. However, you can’t just choose another option without first making friends with these two little guys!

Cute huh?

Cute huh?

Once you got to the second floor you headed down the slip and slide to the finish where two free beers and a medal were waiting.

Lil' Kil and I on the slide!

Lil’ Kil and I on the slide!

The race was a great time and I would definitely do it again. They also have two other options, the Half-dinger and the Dark-dinger. Not sure I would do the Dark-dinger though, even with glowsticks lighting the way!

My next run is the Dirty Kiln Trail Run at Canoe Creek State Park in April. It’s another muddy and wet race! I think my shoes that I managed to salvage after the Humdinger will finally meet their end in the Dirty Kiln.

In other news, hoping to make another batch of chocolate syrup tonight. Tomorrow Gabe and I are heading to the home of our friends for dinner and dessert. Jen and I will be cooking dinner and making these for dessert!

Thanks to Bill Hessert, the Humdinger and Humdinger photographers for the photos 🙂


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