Whoo…Back It Up!


Wow, it’s been way too long since I last posted! Not making excuses, but it’s been a crazy month. Let me catch you up briefly!

I last posted about my trail run at Canoe Creek State Park. Since then I ran the Hershey 10K and achieved a personal best time of 52:59. I was expecting a relatively flat course, but there were a good number of hills. It weaved through the park a great deal so that was pretty fun. You got a pretty sweet medal, long sleeve t-shirt, and a goodie bag with lots of chocolate! I think I’ll have to do that one again πŸ™‚

From there I ran the Special Olympics Beaver Stadium 5k on April 21 during Blue White Weekend. It was my last Blue White Weekend working in Athletics (more to come on that in a short bit). It was their biggest crowd yet and they raised a record setting amount of money for the Special Olympics. The crowd, however, meant that if you were trying to work for a certain time, you most likely weren’t going to get it. Some friends and I walked a good two minutes before we could start running. Regardless it was a good course and they let you spend some time mingling on the field after the race. We even got a photo with Sue Paterno!

To get to why Blue White weekend was my last working in Athletics is because I got a new job at PSU. I’m in Auxiliary & Business Services and part of the Interactive Media Team. I am serving as the writer/editor and my formal title is Communications Coordinator. We handle all of the marketing for the A&BS Units, as well as for some Commonwealth Campus units. I also am responsible for some internal communication within the department. There were many reasons for the change, which I won’t get into, but I’m excited for the next step in my professional journey and so far so good in my new office!

Prior to switching jobs I made one final trip with the men’s volleyball team to the NCAA National Semifinals at UCLA. It was a good trip although they didn’t win. I did have to battle both pink eye and allergies turned sinusitis, but managed to get through both of those eventually. I also had three final projects to close out my second semester of grad school. It got a tad stressful, but I successfully completed all three and did rather well!

This past weekend I ran the Marion Walker PTO 5k in Bellefonte. It was the first time the school had hosted one so it was very small. The course was quite tough with it essentially being uphill both ways. We passed a farm and I’m pretty sure the cows thought we were nuts as it was rather hot and the route was not shaded at all. While my time wasn’t outstanding compared to past results, I pushed it and was happy finishing 5th out of about 40 people.

This weekend, Gabe and I are joining some friends to run the Black Moshannon 5k/10k run/walk. I’ve never done this one, but it’s supposed to be a good course. I’m very happy the weather has cooled down for the weekend, although I was starting to adjust to the heat slowly but surely. Sometimes I wonder if I could survive down south!

I am planning to the run Crack O’ Dawn 5k at the end of June again this year. How could you pass up a free pancake breakfast after? As one of my friends said, “I’d climb Everest if it meant I got pancakes!”

Summer school has started and I have two more classes. In August I’ll be halfway done with my Master’s!

That’s all for now. I’ll try and be more regular in the coming weeks.



3 thoughts on “Whoo…Back It Up!

  1. Congrats on all the awesome work. Since I started blogging, I have been more motivated than ever to get back into shape and be productive. I hope to run at least one 5k this summer. Seeing your hard work definitely inspires me to push myself more today. Best of luck with everything πŸ™‚

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