Race Recap: Black Moshannon 10K


Can’t believe we’re already through Memorial Day Weekend, the official unofficial start of summer!

I can’t say it felt too much like summer here in PA this weekend. We’re talking 50s & 60s with lots of wind. At least it was sunny!

On Saturday I ran the Black Moshannon 10K, which benefited the county’s YMCA. They offer both a 5k and 10k with options to walk or run both. It was quite windy and cool Saturday morning. We all hung out in our cars until right before the race to keep warm. I sported capris and a short sleeve shirt, but it proved perfect running attire once I got going.

The course was on a recently graveled road, which made footing at times a bit precarious with plenty of loose rock. It started out relatively flat before climbing a rather large, steep hill less than 2 miles in. From there the course was generally flat, with a few small rollers, and then the last mile or so was on paved road and was almost entirely downhill. That makes sprinting to the finish line that much easier!

I was satisfied with my time of 54:49, considering I had to power walk the last 1/4 of the hill since my calves and quads cramped. Regardless, I think I made up a lot of time on the second half of the course to come in under my goal of 55 minutes. Overall, I really liked the course and the number of 10k participants was on the smaller side.

The rest of the three-day weekend was really nice and low key. I went to my gym’s annual family picnic, went on a small hike in the woods near the Arboretum with Gabe, and did a longer hike on Monday with some friends on a rocky, ridgeline trail.

Beautiful views!

Beautiful views!

We made a new "friend"...

We made a new “friend”…

Pretty flowers near one of the vistas.

Pretty flowers near one of the vistas.

It’s another busy week. I’m out of the office the next two days at conferences and Saturday is Tough Mudder! Looking forward to taking it on a second time.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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