Half Marathon Training Update


My half marathon training has begun! I started out with an easy 3 miler today. It was so incredibly humid and quite possibly hotter when I was finishing up than when I started. I’m excited to start a continuous training regimen as it’s been hard to be consistent lately. I have been feeling very stressed recently and more than anything, I think a great deal of it is self-induced. Maybe having something to focus on outside of work and school will help me keep my head clear.

Check out my half marathon training plan for the next month. It’s nothing crazy. My friend Melissa actually gave me this plan two years ago for my first half. I didn’t stick to it entirely, but it really did help and my first half was quite enjoyable. I’ll probably modify here or there depending on how my shins hold up. I will always have cross training with Ki’netik to keep me moving no matter what. Running does require more than just cardiovascular endurance. Having a strong upper body, strong legs, and a strong core are all essential.


So today my friend Bill joined me for my first run. For those of you who don’t know Bill, he has an amazing story. After losing a good deal of weight, he embraced running. He runs races regularly, got certified as a personal trainer, and is now not only coaching at the gym but leading group training runs for the Ki’netik group participating in the annual Artsfest races. He set a nice pace today and I appreciate him joining me. It made the 3 miles go by much faster, especially in the heat. He also kept my mind off my headache, which I think was weather-induced with all the rain and storms we have been dealing with on a daily basis. Thanks, Bill!

Now it’s back to hw, maybe another episode of season 3 of Downton Abbey and bed. I’ll check back in soon!


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