A Debbie-Downer of a Post


What a weekend! Here’s a brief recap.

Friday – We went to a going away party for Gabe’s friend Fabio. Fabio is heading to a post-doc in England. Super excited for him! My friend Laura arrived from New York. We had a low key night watching Les Mis.

Saturday – Gabe and I hit up the 9 a.m. master’s class at the gym. There was a good mix of strength and cardio so that was a plus for my half marathon training. After a nice jaunt around downtown where I bought absolutely nothing, four more friends arrived at my place and we got ready for a friend’s wedding reception. The reception was a nice backyard event. April looked beautiful in her tea-length dress.

The girls with the bride!

The girls with the bride!

We took a break and headed back to my place for some Cards Against Humanity. What a hilarious game! We spent the rest of the night celebrating downtown barhopping with the married couple.

Sunday – I got up and went running with my friend Lauren. She’s training for the Berlin Marathon in September. She had eight miles to run, while I only had four. I somehow managed to run my four miles with a migraine that I still have. In the afternoon after everyone left, I slept for about three hours. I went to Gabe’s for the evening. He made dinner, but I just couldn’t make myself eat. I ended up taking Monday off where I watched the rest of season three of Downton Abbey and took the day off from the gym.

My head still hurts, but I’m ignoring it as much as I can and am at work. Hoping it’s a productive day and that eventually this migraine decides to leave. I’m also hoping the rain stops eventually so we can go to the Spikes game tonight, headache permitting.

What a Debbie-Downer post! Sorry about that. Time to perk up! Hope you have a great day!


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