Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff?


Just wanted to post a quick update today!

First, I wanted to share a giveaway from a blog I follow. Tara Sabo over at A Daily Dose of Fit is hosting a giveaway for a @FlipBelt.

This is an image of Flipbelt from their website: www.flipbelt.com.

This is an image of Flipbelt from their website: http://www.flipbelt.com.

I have already entered! It looks pretty sweet, and while it doesn’t hold water for you marathoners out there it would come in handy for shorter runs. I’d even guess it would be fine for a half assuming there are water stations or you have a handheld water bottle like the Nathan Sprint ones.

Anyway, enter! You never know, you could win. I have won other items from A Daily Dose of Fit before, including the wellness collection of Keurig cups from Green Mountain and this oatmeal stuff I can’t remember. Anyway, do it! Do it now! Haha, jk! Sending a big thank you to Tara for hosting another great giveaway!

I had a rather productive day at work. I stayed out of gmail and gchat, and that really helped. I’m also on a time crunch on some projects, so that is definitely a motivator.

I’m up to day five on the plank challenge! I forgot to do yesterday’s, so I did that this morning and am planning the 40 second plank for this evening. Those are easy-peasy. Not sure how the future ones will be, especially near the end! It’s probably important to note that simply doing a plank will not result in a six-pack or a substantial increase in core strength. It’s important to engage your core using a number of other exercises and to improve your diet. I am no dietician or trainer, but I think we have all read that repeatedly 🙂



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