Back to real life…


I arrived home to Maryland today from a week of vacation in South Carolina. It was a great week with solid beach time every day and some other excursions. It rained pretty much every evening, and unlike past years it was only in the 80s during the day so it wasn’t too hot. The humidity was super high though!

I managed one lousy 2.6 mile run thanks to the humidity. I ran the neighborhood streets before returning along the beach. I was running with the wind on the beach so it was miserably hot, but I was running a much faster pace than I ever run when training…7:40/minute. I think between running that pace the last mile and the high humidity I just did myself in preventing me from getting the distance. It was nice to get out to run though. At least I can say I walked a lot during the week.

I’ll recap my vacation in another post with pics, but I’d like to share a new ab challenge. I still wrapping up the plank challenge. Tomorrow is Day 24 and that means 3.5 minutes. It’s the final week! I got behind by a few days on vacation, but made up three planks (2.5, 3, & 3) today. I manage to hold a plank the entire time, but I do rotate to different positions.

Now to the new challenge! I started it today combining the first three days to line up with the days of the month for August. This will overlap for the next week with the plank challenge, but no biggie!


Inspired by a friend who posted this on Facebook, I’m adding 10 pushups to each day to start and I mean real pushups, not on my knees. I’m thinking of increasing the number of pushups over time. We’ll see!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! I must get back to a final paper for my one grad school class!


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