#MarathonTraining Update!


It’s been a bit, but I’m back with a quick update on my marathon training. I’m in to week 7, which means a four runs with distances of 3 miles, 6 miles, three miles, and 12 miles.

So far the runs are going pretty well and I’ve managed to change up my routes, which helps stave off boredom. Last week I decided to check out one of the rail trails despite knowing there’s no winter maintenance and we’d had about six inches of snow with ice on top. It was about a mile from my office and once I got to the trailhead, I decided to detour into the woods for some snowy trail running. Others had hiked in before me so there was a decent path to follow.

Peaceful and beautiful.

Peaceful and beautiful.

My mistake came when I decided to exit the woods to head toward another section of the rail trail. There was not a path to the rail trail and once I got on the rail trail, I was choosing between creating my own path or using one that was really unstable. It was slow going for sure and often times it was like I was doing high knees. I finally go to a road, which was clean and dry, and finished my run.

For my long run last week, I decided to do the Colyer Sno Big Deal 10k. It’s an out-and-back on one leg of the Tussey Mountainback course. The three miles out are a pretty consistent uphill climb. While the forest road had been plowed, it was still covered in snow and ice leading to slippery footing once in awhile. Going up was on the slower side, but heading back down to the finish was fast and fun.

I took Sunday off and decided to try out a barre class at one of the local gyms. It was interesting and it definitely made your legs burn. It was mentally challenging though because while it’s based around ballet moves/positions, it by no means uses correct form. That was tough for the dancer in me to watch and do myself!

This week I’ve already knocked out one run. I helped out a friend yesterday with her dog and decided to take her for a run with me. She’s an energetic lab who does pretty well on a leash so I figured I’d try it out. She had a blast in the snow and we only stopped a few times for her to sniff or do her business.

Today I have a 6-mile run lined up, and thankfully it’s supposed to warm up to 23 from the -4 it was when I got to work. Here’s hoping anyway!


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