Dogsitting, Spring Break, #MarathonTraining


It’s Spring Break time at Penn State and that means State College is back to its peaceful, quiet self. A lot of people assume universities shut down during breaks. Alas, that’s not true. Staff members are still hard at work! It is kind of nice to not be traveling, but what I wouldn’t give to be off on some adventure. I’m doing a lot of weekend travels during April into May so I’ll try to make up for it then.

Anyway, it’s been a busy few weeks particularly when I took on overlapping dogsitting jobs that ended up not really overlapping.

My first charge was Miss Izzy, a sweet lab who loves to cuddle. She can get a bit mischievous when left alone, but that’s a pretty rare occurrence. I ended up only having her overnight since my friend’s trip was cut short. 


My other charge was Miss Marina. I have her until this Saturday, a full 8 days. I’ve been camping out at her house overnight keeping her company. She’s a slightly overweight Golden Retriever, but her owner is working on that and I’m doing my part. No human food for this girl! She’s definitely noticeably thinner than the last time I watched her a few weeks ago. 


So this is what Marina’s backyard looks like right now. As you can see, things have certainly warmed up in Happy Valley! Every time I let her outside I end up with a very muddy puppy. We’ve made friends with the hose, but today ought to be insane with how much it’s raining. I’m prepared with rain boots and a rain coat!

Marina is true to her breed and loves to play fetch. She’d let me throw a tennis ball for hours if the mood struck and will even kick the ball back and forth with you inside on the hardwood floors. I try to give her as much time outside or playing as I can. It’s good exercise for her and she certainly loves it! 

On top of dog sitting, I’ve been quite busy doing an outline for my final paper for one of my grad classes and had a bachelorette party on Saturday. We spent the afternoon at Seven Mountains Wine Cellars. It was great to spend time with Michelle (on the left in the photo below), the bride-to-be, my dear friend April (on the right), and also my friend Christine (not pictured) who I haven’t seen in a few years! 



Did I mention I bought three bottles of wine? 🙂

After the festivities, on Sunday I got back to my running with my longest run ever…15 miles! A few gym friends joined in and we finished in 2:33. Not too shabby! I was sore Sunday night, but by Monday I felt pretty good. I took Monday off from everything before enjoying a nice 4.6 miler on Tuesday after a day working from home that included an amazing massage to loosen me up!

Due to today’s soaking rain that’s not supposed to end until late, I’m heading to the gym this evening and will tackle my 8 mile run tomorrow when it’s sunny and windy. I have another long run this weekend…16 miles! Here’s hoping it’s actually as fun as my 15 miles.

Have a great week and I’ll be back soon!



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