Sneaking In a Workout


Sometimes it’s hard to fit in some form of activity in your day. I know between working full time, grad school part-time, trying to keep in touch with friends and family, and other activities, it can be hard to find time. I know I’ve missed much needed workouts because the day got away from me or my schedule didn’t go as planned. Despite those every day challenges, I’ve found some ways to get workouts in even when I’m insanely busy. This week is definitely one of those weeks.

Today I got to work pretty early, which meant I could head home a bit early. It was absolutely beautiful out today. It’s great to have the windows in the car down and to open the windows at home. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so that’s a huge bummer!

Anyway, I’m swiftly approaching the end of my second-to-last grad school semester. Whoo hoo! I have an exam and a paper both due tomorrow night. I’ll be spending the rest of this evening and tomorrow evening working on them. I also had a phone interview to do with a student from another campus (who didn’t answer when I called). The call fell smack dab in the middle of my normal class at Ki’netik, so I decided to head to my “Circuits” board on Pinterest and see what workout I could find.

I recently found a post for six at-home crossfit workouts. I don’t attend a crossfit gym, but Ki’netik offers bootcamp-style circuit training. Sometimes the workouts are similar, so I knew these would be something I could do. I settled on this one:

Thanks to "Katrina Runs for Food" ( for sharing!

Thanks to “Katrina Runs for Food” ( for sharing!

It didn’t look too bad and it definitely had the potential to be quick! I didn’t time it, but I did add in a set of 8 calf raises after each set of squats. Can’t forget those calves, right? The last two rounds of pushups got a bit tough, but they’re such a great bodyweight move.

In the end my workout wasn’t long, but it got me moving. The rest of the week will be challenging as I have some evening plans and a trip to Virginia this weekend that might interfere with runs. I am in taper mode so I have runs of 4, 6, 3, and 8 miles this week. I’ll definitely be making an effort to hit the gym during lunch. I now have less than two weeks until my first marathon!

Now it’s back to my paper and hopefully my exam. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Question: How do you fit in workouts when your schedule gets busy?


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