Random Friday Thoughts


In a desperate act of procrastination, I’ve turned to my blog. I have some random pictures in my phone from the last week, so I thought I’d share those 🙂

Taking Easter photos in the yard...yes, we dressed up the dog in her Halloween costume.

Taking Easter photos in the yard…yes, we dressed up the dog in her Halloween costume.

Last weekend, Gabe and I had an enjoyable trip home to visit my family for Easter. We headed down to Historic Annapolis for a bit of shopping where we bought some new spices at the Spice & Tea Exchange, two new olive oils, a new hat for me to wear at the pool and on the beach, and some other little things. Gabe also had one of the best falafels he’s ever had in the Marketplace Shops. The one bite I had was quite good!

It was nice to be home for even just a short trip. I know my parents enjoy having us all there, as does Abby. WIsh we could’ve stayed longer, but I’ll see them again soon.

On our way home Saturday before Easter, Gabe and I stopped at the Amish Farmer’s Market. It’s huge and I don’t always make the trip when they’re open, so I was glad we could stop. On our way in we noticed several of these swings in different color schemes.

Found this at the Amish Farmer's Market in Shrewsbury.

Found this at the Amish Farmer’s Market in Shrewsbury.

I was immediately a huge fan. It’s really comfy and the colors and patterns were all so pretty. I really, really want one. Not sure where it would go, but I’d figure something out!

After returning to PA, I checked my mail to find Tough Mudder’s latest marketing ploy.

Proud member of the Legion of Mudders...

Proud member of the Legion of Mudders…

Apparently as someone who has done more than one TM, I’m a member of the Legion of Mudders. If I do a third, I’ll get a blue one, and so on and so forth. Legion of Mudder members are also offered exclusive registration discounts and access to private obstacles along the course, among other offers. While I won’t say never, I don’t really have plans to tackle another in the near future. I’d like to see Tough Mudder get back to what it was originally about with a course that’s designed to test you physically and mentally.

Anyway, I decided to grab a few groceries earlier in the week and couldn’t pass up some pretty tulips at Trader Joe’s. They have such pretty flowers and at great prices. Plus, sometimes a girl just needs some flowers to brighten her day.

I brought them home when they were still tucked in the leaves. They've since bloomed quite nicely.

I brought them home when they were still tucked in the leaves. They’ve since bloomed quite nicely.

It’s been a busy week at work. I worked a few days from 7-4 and found that I was far more productive than when I do 8-5. Might have to do it more often. It’s nice to have the office basically to myself for at least an hour.

Thursday was Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. All over the country people took their kids to work. I’m not actually a big fan of the day. I think it’s great if it’s used as a way to expose your child, particularly a teen, to what you do and what kinds of jobs people do that they might be interested in. However, I don’t think bringing young kids who need to be entertained by toys and movies and games all day should really be the point.

At Penn State it’s a special event. There’s a breakfast and a keynote speaker. Then parents and their kids can partake in three program sessions put on by departments across the university. There’s everything from a tour of the Penn State Bakery to a program by the Veterinary and Biomedical Science department on what it takes to be a veterinarian to a program by the Civil and Environmental Engineering department.

One of the units we do marketing for, Lion Surplus, had their own program. Lion Surplus sells used furniture, electronics, and other items from the University. It not only produces revenue for the University, but also prevents these items from ending up in the landfill. Part of their program involves a craft showing the kids how they can recycle different items. This year they got to make a fish out of old cds and recycled paper. I decided to make one too since I was down taking pictures of the event. It was pretty easy and fun!

A Pinterest project that actually came out well!

A Pinterest project that actually came out well!

Now that we’re swiftly approaching the weekend, I find myself very busy. This is the final week of the semester. I have a presentation due tomorrow, which I have to submit tonight, and a writing assignment due Sunday that I will also be doing tonight. Why? Because I’m heading off to my second wedding in as many weeks for my dear friend Michelle! We’ll be heading back down to the Harrisonburg, Va. area Saturday to Sunday. Gabe and I have some tentative plans for Sunday, but we’re also looking forward to a return to Three Brothers Brewery on Saturday to make some purchases.


Question: What are your weekend plans? Will you be taking advantage of the nice weather?


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