Counting Down


I am less than one week out from my very first marathon. Wow, it seems a bit crazy to be writing that.

A year ago I would have said I was never going to do it. I thought I was sure about that. However, I ran a few more half marathons and decided I wanted to try a full. Thankfully, when I started talking to people about it I received a lot of great support, which helped cement the decision.

My friend Lauren did some research and recommended the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. She’s a veteran marathoner. I’m happy she’ll be there, albeit way ahead of me, and I know she’s going to rock another course! Her drive and success is definitely motivating.

Hoping this will be waiting for me at the finish line! Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.

Hoping this will be waiting for me at the finish line! Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.

I honestly just want to finish. I think getting one under my belt so I know what to expect will make it easier to set a more concrete goal for a future race. The training has been hard, and I haven’t always been perfect and neither has the weather.

Early on in my training I saw the graphic below, and I remember wondering if it really would change my life.

I think it has.

I think it has.

1. I’ve learned when to push and when to hold back, at least when it comes to my running.
2. I’ve come to realize how important staying hydrated and eating right are to performing at your best. Again, this is an area where I’m not even close to good, let alone perfect, but I have a renewed energy for making the changes I need to make. More to come on that later.
3. I was also reminded that sometimes being busy makes me allocate my time wisely. Long runs are long, sometimes you have to adjust your schedule to make them fit.

I could go on, but you probably get the idea. For now, I have three final short runs to do and then it’s the big day. I’m nervous, but excited. I am also thrilled to be sharing the fun with some great friends, including Lauren, Mary Kate, and Katie. Can’t wait to see you guys!

I’ll be back with a post on this past weekend, which included a wedding and a visit to one of my favorite historical places. Here’s a preview in the meantime!


Question: What did you do this past weekend? Hopefully the weather was nice wherever you are!


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