Counting Down: Take 2


Just wanted to get a quick post up before the crazyness of the weekend. I begin my trek to Cincinnati after work today with a stopover in Pittsburgh. I have a lot on my plate today, but it’ll get done!

I’m getting very nervous, but still remain excited about my first marathon. It’s in less than four days! Gabe put together a great mix of music for me. His library is so much more expansive than mine. He picked some great, upbeat, happy songs for me 🙂

I’m pretty much all packed, but just have to shove a few last minute items into my bag. I definitely packed a ton of running clothes and probably not as many regular clothes as I should’ve. I decided I just want to be comfy. Hoping the weather remains nice as I packed clothes for nice weather.

Sending a huge thank you to MK in advance for hosting me and my friend Lauren for the weekend. It is greatly appreciated. It’ll be great to catch up and have someone who knows her way around the city with us. I owe another thank you to my running buddies in State College. It was so great to know I could count on you guys to tag along on many of my training runs. I’ll definitely return the favor.

On a completely unrelated note, I finished my second-to-last semester earlier this week. I have received good grades in both classes. My final class this summer will be Public Relations in the Age of Digital Influence. I ordered my books this morning.

One final thing before I get back to work. I decided to participate in @ZOOMArun’s May #ZOOMAphotoaday. Follow me on Instagram (@skiergrl16) and consider joining in!


Question: What are your weekend plans?


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