Pinspire Me Fridays


I’ve been blogging for awhile now, but still haven’t gotten my blog to where I’d really like it to be. I’d like to think there are a lot of reasons for that, but at this point it’s not about making excuses. There are some definite steps I need to take moving forward in order to increase visibility and readership. I hope to make them in the near future, such as adding a tagline, cross promoting with my friend’s blog called Charmed Wellness with weekly posts (still in the planning stages), a presence via social media, and regular weekly themed posts.

I thought the last one would be the easiest to tackle and get into a routine with first. One of the ideas involves Pinterest. I’ve seen lots of bloggers pull things from Pinterest, be it recipes, quotes, crafts, and more. I know I love Pinterest and have multitudes of pins of the same sort. Inspired by other bloggers who share their Pinterest finds, I decided to have a weekly post doing the same. It’ll be called “Pinspire Me Fridays.” Some weeks it might be an inspiring quote, while other weeks it might be something funny, a recipe that I’ve tried that was a success, or just about anything else. My goal is to keep it fresh!

To start it off I combed my “Quotes” board for something good. I decided to go with this one that was pinned by someone off of Tumblr. I’m not a Tumblr user, and honestly I have no idea where the original came from, but that doesn’t change the fact that I like the quote.


This particular pin was pretty far down on my board. I know why I pinned it though. I know there are times when I have lost sight of who I am, my goals, and what I’m working towards, especially in my professional life. It can be so easy to do that. I recall when I pinned this I was frustrated at my professional situation and how it was affecting me both professionally and personally. While it didn’t inspire immediate action, it did make me stop, think, and refocus. It’s nice when something small like a quote can help you do that.

I’m looking forward to sharing a Pinterest find with you all each Friday. I hope you’ll enjoy this new addition!

Question: If you use Pinterest, do you have any favorite Pinterest finds?


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