Pinspire Me Fridays – Volume 2


I’m back for another Pinspire Me Friday!

I went with another quote this week because it really resonated with me in regards to so many facets of my life. I know there’s a runner in the graphic, but you can hit walls in other areas besides fitness. Maybe you feel you’ve hit a wall professionally? Or maybe it’s in your personal life in some way? Wherever it is, a wall doesn’t mean the end. Some walls are moveable, some are climbable, some can be torn down, and some you simply need to just walk around.

The bottom line is simply that you just keep trying. Maybe you up your pace on some runs periodically or pick up heavier weights for some exercises at the gym. Maybe you check in to continuing education classes that will help you improve your skills at work. The point is to set goals and chip away at them little by little. Remember, “Progress is progress no matter how small.” Don’t get so focused on the end result that you forget about the journey.

Question: Hit a wall? How did you get past it?


One thought on “Pinspire Me Fridays – Volume 2

  1. I love this message, Susan. I hit a wall with weight loss in 2013. After losing 50 pounds, “motivated me” still wanted to lose a little more. Don’t get me wrong – I love my body not only for how it looks but for what it can do. However, I was happy to find new products and programs (Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix) and and endeavors (teaching Les Mills RPM), as well as a restored sense of motivation, that helped me to plow through the plateau. It’s a lifestyle! xoxo

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