Race Recap x 2!


It’s back to work after a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Hopefully getting back in the swing wasn’t too difficult for you all. Sometimes the week after a long weekend can be slow going.

I participated in two races during the holiday weekend in the midst of a variety of other activities. First up was the Black Moshannon 5K/10K, of which I did the 10k, and the 24th Annual Boalsburg Memorial Day run, a 3.8 miler. You’re probably thinking, “A 3.8 mile race? Who came up with that?” Apparently they might have rounded up to 4 miles in the past, but it’s definitely 3.8.

I started off my weekend with the 10k. I ran this race last year and decided to come back and tackle it again. It’s in Black Moshannon State Park and is run mainly on a gravel road. Like last year, the gravel was freshly laid for the first 2 miles so the footing was a bit sketchy. However, that section is flat so it’s not anything to worry too much about. There’s a long steep climb after that, which forces a great many to power walk, and I’m not ashamed to say I was one of those people. I like hills, but this hill is just a bit insane. Thankfully, once you get to the top, you’re running along the ridge and it’s mainly flat with some gentle rollers. There’s a second short, relatively steep hill around mile 5. It’s not too much of a challenge, especially when you know it’s all downhill to the finish line after that.

While I didn’t PR, I did best my previous time on the same course by 17 seconds with a 54:32. I ended up fourth in my age group (25-29) out of 14. I’ll take it!

The course map for the 10K.

The course map for the 10K.

On Sunday I started the moving process to my new apartment. I just moved a few easy things, did a bit of cleaning, and enjoyed the beautiful day. I managed to get a short workout in courtesy of the 21-Day Fix dvds. I did the normal Saturday workout called “Dirty 30.” It’s a nice full-body strength workout.

Memorial Day is a big deal around here. Boalsburg, a small town right outside of where I live, is one of a few small towns who claim to have started the tradition of Memorial Day. It was the 150th Anniversary, so it was pretty special. I’ve been out of town in past years so I missed the annual festival and race. Not this year!

I love the race logo!

I love the race logo!

The race started at Blue Spring Park, just off the downtown area of Boalsburg. You run through the heart of the town and then head up a long, gradual hill to a turnaround. After retracing your steps briefly, you head out Bailey Lane, another long gradual hill. The beauty of reaching the end of Bailey Lane is that you turnaround and the rest of the course is downhill all the way to the finish. While it’s not a steep downhill, you can definitely make up some time.

It started out as a chilly early Monday morning, but it warmed quickly and ended up being rather hot for the race. With the race only being a tad longer than a 5k, the heat wasn’t so bad. One of the best parts of the race is the crowd support. The State College and Boalsburg communities really get into the holiday. With many of the local races attracting only small groups of participants, this race boasted more than 400 runners/walkers. Supporters line the streets, and people with homes along the route set up at the end of their driveways to cheer. It’s really quite neat to see.

I ended up running it in 31:45 with an average pace of 8:21 (must’ve been that nice downhill stretch :)).

The course map for the Boalsburg Memorial Day run.

The course map for the Boalsburg Memorial Day run.

After the race I picked up Gabe and headed back down to Boalsburg to walk around the festival. It was basically a mini arts festival with lots of local vendors and plenty of food. There was also an antique car show, which was really fun to check out.

One of the many cool cars. This one reminded me of Cruella DeVil.

One of the many cool cars. This one reminded me of Cruella DeVil.

We closed out Memorial Day with some friends at our place. Gabe baked wings and made a pizza, while our friends brought a salad, and stuff for margaritas. I made dessert, which I’ll have to expand upon later, but here’s a picture in the meantime. Let’s just say they’re quite yummy!



Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! A big thanks to all those who served and continue to serve our country!

Question: How’d you celebrate Memorial Day?


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