Pinspire Me Fridays – Volume 5


I’m back this week with a pin that definitely hits home for me. I’m less than two weeks from the start of training for my second marathon. I was searching for a pin to share this week, and I was happy to find that I had pinned this at some point.

Source: The Active Times

Source: The Active Times

I won’t rehash the entire article since it goes into some good detail, but here are the tips by bullet point:

  • Acclimatize
  • Sip, Don’t Gulp
  • Electrolytes
  • Slow Down
  • Visors, Not Hats
  • Recover
  • Flexitarian (uh what?)
  • Pre-workout slushy (don’t have to tell me twice!)
  • Lower Pre-Run Protein
  • Consistency

I know one of my biggest hurdles is heat and humidity. This means I’ll be aiming to do many of my runs in the early morning or at night to at least miss out on the often intense sun. The heat has not been too intense yet this spring so I know I’ll have to do some acclimating. I’m also not so great about staying hydrated, but if there’s one thing I did well during my first marathon, it was staying hydrated. I can definitely recommend the “Sip, Don’t Gulp” technique 🙂

Some of the other tips I found interesting were “Flexitarian” and the pre-workout slushy. The “Flexitarian” tip deals with splitting up long runs and doing part of it in the morning and finishing it at another point in the day, probably in the evening. I haven’t tried this, but if we have the hot summer that they’re saying is coming, I might try it. Maybe it’ll be a future blog post!

Growing up with snowballs and Hawaiian Shaved Ice as summer treats, I’m always up for a sweet icy treat. Enjoying a nice ice slushy (obviously without the sugary flavoring) before a run might be worth trying. I might have to check out that 2011 research study to see what they really found out.

In other preparation, I’ve purchased a hydration belt. I went with FuelBelt’s newest model, the Revenge Four-Bottle Belt.



I haven’t run with it yet, but it fits. I ultimately ordered mine off Amazon because it was cheaper and I could use my Amazon Prime membership for free two-day shipping. It had good reviews, but also some advice to just wear it on the natural waist since it will move there if you wear it on your hips. I still might try wearing it down towards my hips though and see what happens. On the advice of a friend, I also purchased a two-pack of 10 oz. bottles to swap in for the 7 oz. bottles that came with the belt.



I’m regards to clothing, I’m trying to add some new running tops to my collection of workout gear. I normally always wear short sleeve tops, but thought I might want a little less clothing when dealing with the heat. I found that I really liked this tank from Old Navy and couldn’t beat the sale price of $8. It doesn’t have a built in bra and is not fitted, which are both positives for me. It is a bit low cut and let’s my sports bra show, but that doesn’t bother me. However, it will be reserved for running and I won’t be wearing it to the gym. I already tested it out on a run and it was quite comfortable! The material is also great and dries fast.

A post-run selfie after a humid 4.5 miles.

A post-run selfie after a humid 4.5 miles.

So that was a bit more than a short and sweet Pinspire Me Friday post, but I couldn’t help myself. Hope you have a great weekend!


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