Gym Review: MBSC Thrive


The following post contains a review of a new fitness facility in my area. I was not compensated for my opinions in any way. I was also not asked to complete the review, but chose to do so as a way of sharing more information about the facility. The opinions herein are my own and not influenced by the organization.

I love my gym. It offers bootcamp-style circuit training. Every day is different and you never know what you’re going to get dealt. It also provides the structure that I personally need to get in good workouts day in and day out. It’s been 4 years and I’m still going!

The owners of the gym I attend recently invested in a new franchise called MBSC Thrive. It opened last week, offering free classes to the public. I signed up for two sessions of Adult Functional Training. In addition, they also offer Athletic Performance, which my boyfriend tried and really enjoyed, and a weightless and workout program exclusively for women.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect and I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I really liked the space and equipment. Check out the pictures below to get an idea.

There are also free weights, weight racks, boxes, and more! I loved the sleds 🙂

If you become a regular client with the Adult Functional Training, you will receive a personalized workout matched to your ability level each time you come in the gym. It will be tracked, evaluated regularly, and changed. Sessions are an hour in length and include time to foam roll, a dynamic warm-up, strength  training, and aerobic exercises. No more than five adults are in each session, and again, everyone has a personalized workout. Trainers are there to explain/demonstrate exercises, assist with proper form and completion, and help you reach your goals. The individuals I worked with, two of whom I know from Ki’netik, were all very knowledgable and have tremendous experience in the fitness/nutrition world.

My first session ended up being with the owner and was a one-on-one. Pure luck! It was great and I definitely worked really hard. My second session happened to be with two other women. Even in our small group I received substantial personal attention as if it was just me and a trainer.

MBSC Thrive currently offers packages for two or three days a week. In addition, they may offer packages allowing clients to attend both MBSC Thrive and Ki’netik. While Thrive is a bit more expensive than most gyms in the area, if you try a session I’m sure you’ll understand why.

While I can’t make the commitment currently, I have taken away some important fundamentals that I’ve been applying to my sessions at Ki’netik. I push myself a bit harder, I focus on form (something I’ve always been a stickler about anyway), and when we do weighted exercises I try to pick up heavier weights than I have in the past. I do hope to be able to go back to Thrive for a visit in the future. I highly recommend learning more, speaking to one of the trainers, and even checking out a session. Don’t forget to “like” their Facebook page to keep up with all the latest news.

Question(s): What kind of gym do you go to? Is it a large franchise you can find in many cities, a crossfit facility, or something like Ki’netik? Do you prefer working out alone or taking classes?


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