Pinspire Me Fridays – Volume 6


As of today, my mom will officially be a retired school teacher. For the past few decades she has worked as an elementary special education teacher, working with a variety of students of all ability levels. It was often a thankless job, but she had a passion to be a positive influence in the lives of the kids she worked with and that kept her going.

I’m not a teacher and, with the exception of a very brief period of time in first grade, never wanted to be one. But I had some good teachers throughout the years and know the impact they have had on me. I know my mom was also that kind of teacher.

Despite major changes in the last 10 years (or more) to the American educational system (changes that seem less than effective, but that’s a completely different story), my mom hung in there. She stayed for the kids.

While deciding to retire was a difficult and scary decision, she eventually decided it was the right one for her. I know she’s excited to embrace this new chapter.

I’ve always known my mom had a positive impact on not only her students, but her fellow teachers, administrators, and parents. But I’ve only ever known my mom as a special education teacher. Long before I was even thought of she started out her teaching career as a high school music teacher. Thanks to the world of social media, she has reconnected with many of her former high school students. To read the words they have written about how much she meant to them is really special. I’ve always known my mom is special, but it’s so wonderful to know other people feel the same way.

When planning my Friday post, I was originally at a loss of what to grab off Pinterest. I thought about a recipe, but then this topic popped into my head. With that in mind, I set off to find something that fit (the opposite of how I normally go about this weekly post), found the quote below, and went with it.


Yes, teachers all have books and lessons they have to get through and timelines they need to stick to. You don’t have to enjoy teaching though to do those things, even on an average level.

But, the best teachers have a passion and a love for what they do. Those teachers, teachers like my mom, teach from the heart. And in doing that, they are truly exceptional.

Question: Did you have a special teacher that made a positive impact in your life?


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