Race Recap – Crack O’ Dawn 5k


I’ve been really inconsistent with running since my marathon. I think I’ve completed four races and run a total of six times. Yep, I’ve only run twice outside of participating in a race. However, that changed this past Sunday when my marathon training began. But before we dive into that, it’s time to recap the 5k race I ran in on Saturday.

I participated in the Crack O’ Dawn 5k for the third straight year. It’s not really at the crack of dawn, in my opinion, since it’s at 8 a.m. However, the early start time does help beat the late June heat. Regardless, all three years I’ve crossed the finish line soaked thanks to the heat and humidity. It’s a small race with usually 100 participants or less. This year there were 71 finishers. A bonus is that it’s followed by a free pancake breakfast, great door prizes, and overall and age group winners.

The course takes you on some of the lesser traveled streets of the small town of Boalsburg. With a brief downhill at the start, the course quickly takes a turn and begins a long uphill climb. It’s not steep, and at one point levels briefly, but it really is quite long. At the top you turn around and retrace your steps downhill to Main Street where you turn right and head out of the historic section of town into a development. You head up another long hill that’s quite a bit steeper and completely unshaded before returning the way you came. At the bottom of the hill you take a gravel alley before making a left and heading uphill to the finish.

I basically liken the course in shape to a hammock. You start in the middle, head up one side and back down, and then head up the other and back down to the start. The uphills are challenging, but the downhills help you make up some time. It’s also great to see some of the other areas of Boalsburg.

I have to say I was very surprised to round the corner to the finish line and see a time below 25 minutes. My PR on a completely flat course is 24:26. I missed that by seven seconds and finished with a 24:33. I was definitely very happy with that. I topped my age group and was 27th overall.

I took the photo using Instagram and it reversed it.

I took the photo using Instagram and it reversed it. I’m actually in the driver’s seat of my car and the ribbon text was not printed backwards 🙂

After slacking on my first week of training for my next marathon, I got back on the running bandwagon with the race and a 6-miler on Sunday morning. I met my friend Michel and even with a short break, we finished in 57 minutes. It was a nice rolling out-and-back route. This week I have three short 3-milers and a 7-miler for the weekend long run. Looking forward to it!

I’m contemplating running in the annual Firecracker 4k at the Central PA 4thFest later this week. I’ve only done it once. It gets a lot of participants for a short race so it tends to be crowded. The one time I did it there was so much construction on campus that we ended up running the parking lots around Beaver Stadium. It was VERY hot on black asphalt! Hopefully that won’t be the case this year.

On another note, I’ve decided to start the 21-Day Fix program again. I did it leading up to Memorial Day and reviewed the program for my friend (and coach) on her blog, Charmed Wellness. I was happy with how easy the program was and how good I felt eating healthy, real, whole foods. I know as I increase my activity in the coming weeks that I’m going to be hungry, but this program helps me make good decisions even when I’m eating a bit more than I would normally need without training. I’m hoping that putting this plan out here that I will be more likely to stick to it!

If I don’t check in before the 4th, have a great week!

Question: Are you training for anything? 



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