#Marathon Training Update


This is what I saw yesterday morning when I logged onto Facebook…

75 days!

75 days!

I’m now 74 days away from my second marathon! I can’t believe how fast time is going by. It feels like just yesterday that we were still 200 days away.

I have to say that so far I’m sticking to my training. I missed one week due to vacation because even in the wee hours of the morning, it was just too hot and humid to safely run. I got in a short run that week on the one cool morning. I got right back into my training when I returned and am sticking to it.

This past weekend I joined two friends, including one who will also be doing the MCM, for an 11-miler. It got to be a bit warmer than we anticipated, but thankfully between my small water bottle and being near campus, we had plenty of places to get water when we needed it. With stops our average pace was a bit slower than it could be, but better safe and hydrated than not.

After a rest day on Monday, I hit the gym at lunch yesterday before heading back out for a 6-miler last night. We picked up the pace with an average of 8:50/mile. It was tough but it feels good to push it sometimes. While I still just want to finish the MCM, I wouldn’t mind improving upon my first marathon time. I hope picking up the pace on some runs and running on tired legs will help prepare me to do that.

Tonight I’m doing another training run, but it’s a local 5k race in nearby Lewisburg called Beat the Band. It’s a low-key community race so it will just be fun. I’ll have a recap for you on Thursday. I signed up for a Cycle class for Thursday evening so I think I’ll get in my final short run of the week on Friday at some point. I have a long run of 13 set for this weekend. The weather is cooling off so it might be relatively enjoyable!

Til next time!

Question: Are you training for any events this fall?


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