#RaceRecap: Beat the Band 5k


What a fun evening I had last night! Two running friends and I headed up to Lewisburg, Pa. for a mid-week race called Beat the Band 5k. It was part of Lewisburg’s Music in the Park series at Hufnagle Park in downtown. The goal of the event was to, you guessed it, “beat the band!” The local coverband was doing a Bee Gees set beginning at 7 p.m. It was a 32 minute set and the goal for runners was to finish the race before the band finished its set.

Here's a map of the course courtesy of MayMyRun.com.

Here’s a map of the course courtesy of MayMyRun.com.

It was a beautiful evening in Central Pa. with a temp in the low 70s. It was almost a bit cold, at least for August!

Here we are before the race.

Here we are before the race.

The race was a little disorganized, but with there only being about 100 runners and walkers it wasn’t problematic. The race began on the edge of the park and would consist of two loops around mainly side streets. There were only a few small hills, that I’m not sure qualify as hills. The roads were open to cars, but there were police and race volunteers directing traffic where needed. Lewisburg is a really cute town and is where Bucknell University is located. We passed by what looked like some dorms along the course. Most of the buildings are pretty old so there is some neat architecture and beautiful colors offering a lot of historic charm.

Somehow the three of us ended up in the front of the race crowd to start, probably because we were on a sidewalk and it was a bit tight. Once we started the runners quickly spread out. At the first mile mark, the race volunteer was telling the time and I had run it in 7:45…that’s a bit fast for me, even in a 5k. I was a bit worried I was going to fizzle. With the hills not really being hills, the nice weather, and somehow keeping my breathing in check, I was able to stay pretty close to 8 min/mile or under.

The finish of the race included running halfway around the park and down a ramp to the finish. I thought you had to run to the race clock, but once you reach the water station you were at the end. That was a bit confusing for people who stopped at the base of the ramp, about 20 feet short of the actual finish.

At the finish, everyone received a race souvenir.

The race logo, name and date was on the front. I'll have to write in my time.

The race logo, name and date was on the front. I’ll have to write in my time.

Overall the race was fun and the three of us had a good time. It was low key and sometimes it’s really nice to do something like that. I’m happy to say I beat my PR by one second and finished in 24:25. I’ve been close to my PR one other time so I was definitely a little extra happy about that. Maybe running “4 Hills” repeats by my office is proving to be helpful after all.

We got home around 9:30 p.m. I walked to my door and stuck my key in the deadbolt and turned only to feel like I wasn’t actually unlocking it. I knew I had locked it yesterday morning, but I thought maybe I unlocked it and it just didn’t feel as stiff or something. I unlocked the other lock, reached in to turn on the light and walked in. I knew I wasn’t alone almost immediately and turned to find Gabe sitting in one of the chairs in the living room.

Happy to see this face!

Happy to see this face!

He’d been at Princeton since Friday for an animal behavior conference and I wasn’t expecting him until today or tomorrow. It was a very, very nice surprise!

Alright, back to work I go!

Question: What do you prefer, a small, low key race or a big one? Or both?


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