Weekends With Friends


It’s Monday! How was your weekend? Hope you made the most of it!

I spent the better part of my weekend in the Philadelphia area visiting with some friends and attending a bridal shower in nearby Princeton, N.J. It was a great two days from start to finish.

On Friday I put together my bridal shower gift for the next one of my college girlfriends to get married. A few of us have developed a tradition of doing certain gifts for the bridal shower. Mine is a wine basket with wines dedicated to specific events in the lives of newlyweds, such as First Christmas, First Baby, First Fight, First Dinner Party, and First Anniversary. I usually try to match the wedding colors. Here is my creation for Alissa.


I pulled this photo from Instagram after deleting the original.

I pulled this photo from Instagram after deleting the original.

On Saturday, my college roommate Emma and I departed for Philly. We had plans to meet our friend Jen at 1 p.m. for lunch in Conshohocken. It’d been too long since we’d both seen her so it was great to reconnect. We ate at the Southern Cross Kitchen. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area and want some southern cooking with contemporary style.

Post-lunch selfie!

Post-lunch selfie!

We then headed to Wayne where we would stay the night with Melissa. After quite the adventure at King of Prussia Mall in Macy’s (their bridal registry system and coupon restrictions are ridiculous and apparently not user-friendly for customers or sales associates), we headed to Viggiano’s (also in Conshohocken) to meet our friend Lauren for dinner. Viggiano’s is a delicious, family-owned Italian restaurant that apparently reopened within the last year. It’s BYOB(or W for wine, of course!) and you can make the entrees family style and feed yourself for days to come. We ended up ordering the sampler as an appetizer and getting two family-size entrees for the four of us. We had so much left over, but it was really quite delicious. Another great place to check out if you’re in the area.

After, we hit up The Great American Pub around the corner for drinks with a friend Emma met on her Korea trip who happened to live in the Philly area. It was a great time and we headed home around 12:30 a.m.

Melissa and I stuck to our plan of running Sunday morning, which required a 6:50 a.m. wake up. While my training schedule said 10 miles, we ended up with 6.5, which felt good and allowed us time to get ready before making the drive to Princeton. Wayne is a beautiful area outside of Philly offering lots of convenience for residents. Melissa took me past beautiful estates and we finished our run on a quiet and pretty bike trail.

I paused on our run to catch this pretty shot.

I paused on our run to catch this pretty shot. Nice work, Melzy!

Alissa’s bridal shower was at Mediterra in Princeton. I’d never been to the town before and absolutely loved the little bit that I saw of it. I really would love to go back and shop and check out the campus. The food at the shower was quite delicious, as was the wine. Alissa received a ton of great and thoughtful gifts from everyone in attendance. She and Dave are well-stocked to start married life together! Before we all parted ways, we got a group photo outside the restaurant.

We are quite a colorful bunch!

We are quite a colorful bunch!

My trip home wasn’t too long. I saw lots of deer and even two hot air balloons somewhere over Lancaster. It was so great to see everyone and to celebrate Alissa. We’ll all be back together soon for her wedding and I can’t wait!



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