Pinspire Me Friday – Volume 16


Labor Day weekend is here! The unofficial, yet official, end of summer. Do you have a three-day weekend?

I’m looking forward to a busy, but fun three days. Tonight I’m going to a Sip and Paint event put on by a local boutique. I’m excited and hope whatever I paint is worthy of being hung on the wall. Tomorrow I’m taking my second SUP Yoga class in the morning and I can’t wait to tell you all about it next week. Saturday night Gabe and I are going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday and have a breakfast date planned for Sunday morning. Since the weather is supposed to be nice, I hope to make one last trip to the pool since it closes after this weekend. Monday I’m heading down to the Lower trail for my 15-mile long run. A group of us are going with two of us running, while the rest will be riding their bikes. On top of that I’m dogsitting my friend’s golden retriever.

I also feel the need to get some chores done this weekend. I’d like to wash and wax my car, clean up my bike, clean the bathrooms, and who knows what else. We’ll see what all I can fit in to the mix.

Now back to the original purpose of this post. I found this pin earlier this week and loved it!

run A big thanks to for sharing this! Make sure to check out her blog. It’s great!

This pin resonated with me because there’s always this need to “keep up with the Joneses,” regardless of the reason. We need a bigger house, the newest iPhone, to lose weight, wear the latest fashions, and to run as fast as someone else. But, who cares about the Joneses? What they have and need is most likely not the same as what we need. That’s ok!

This idea also applies to running and fitness. No two of us are the same. Our bodies and minds have different needs and respond differently to different types of exercise. The important thing is that we’re out there doing it. It’s ok to be inspired by others, but don’t forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday, not better than the “Joneses.” That’s how you’ll get the most satisfaction. Set goals, strive for them, reach them, and be proud of them. You, and you alone, accomplished them.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Question: What are you Labor Day weekend plans? 


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