Magnum Ice Cream #Review


Disclaimer: I was sent a coupon for a free box of Magnum Ice Cream bars courtesy of Influenster. The following opinions are honest and 100% my own.

A few months ago I came across Influenster through a fellow blogger’s post reviewing an item she had received through the organization. I decided to check it out and see if it might be something I’d be interested in participating in. I joined Influenster and a few months later received my first VoxBox opportunities to review some items. One of them was an Ice Cream Stock Up. After agreeing to participate, I anxiously awaited my red envelope containing my coupon.

Can't miss this in the mail!

Can’t miss this in the mail!

I wasn’t sure which brand of ice cream I’d get until I opened the envelope and found a coupon for a box of Magnum Ice Cream bars. My local target had three flavor options and I went with the Double Caramel. This was the first time I’ve tried Magnum ice cream, even though I’d been intrigued since I first saw their commercials. After opening the box, I almost felt like I was getting a golden ticket from Willy Wonka thanks to the packaging. Definitely makes you feel like you’re about to enjoy something really good.


Don’t these look crazy good?

My golden ice cream!

My golden ticket…er, umm, I mean ice cream!

The double caramel option did not disappoint. The bars are a reasonable size, not too big or too small. The bars are very rich and one will definitely satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth. The chocolate outside is thick, but easy to bite. It was the perfect amount of caramel for me, and the ice cream inside was soft and yummy. I wouldn’t mind checking out the other flavors such as the double chocolate one as I’m a huge chocolate fan.

I think the only odd thing was that they came in a box of 3. That’s a really random number since most companies offer a box of at least 4. Other than that I really have no other criticism. They’re an excellent treat for special occasions. I couldn’t eat them every day as I’m a pretty healthy eater, but if they opportunity arises I won’t hesitate to purchase these bars in the future.

I was also selected for the Victoria’s Secret Sport VoxBox and will get to test one of their sports bras. We’ll see how it goes! I’ll share my thoughts here once I receive my VoxBox.

Just as a reminder, I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Question: Have you ever had Magnum Ice Cream? What did you think?


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