Sip n Paint #Recap


Have you ever attended a ‘Sip n Paint?’ It’s where you paint a beautiful painting all the while sipping wine with friends. Ok, so that was an oversimplification, but who doesn’t love time with friends, wine, and some art?

After seeing several friends in other cities doing one of these events, which are perfect for a girls night out, a bachelorette, etc., I really wanted to do one. However, see as how I live in a smaller city in the middle of PA I figured I’d have to travel. There was no way this trend was going to make it here.


Amanda Kunkel, a local artist, has started to host Sip n Paint events in nearby Boalsburg. I attended my first this past Friday and had a great time. I can’t wait to go to another!

Interestingly enough, I definitely had a hard time getting someone to go with me. Everyone used the excuse that they aren’t artistic and their painting would come out terrible. I have seen tons of pictures from these events and have never seen one bad painting. That should tell you something! Regardless of how artistic you think you are or aren’t, you will leave with a painting you can be proud of 🙂

We had an intimate group of 5 women for the evening. As a group we decided what picture we wanted to paint and settled on a really pretty sunset over water. It was full of a lot of bright reds, oranges, blues, and greens. We also toyed with a really pretty flower painting, but since it was the first time for most of the us at the event the sunset proved to be a good choice.

Amanda started out by picking all the colors we would need and we got our palettes ready.

Our color palette!

Our color palette!

She then talked about how to break up the painting and knowing where to start. She painted with us, but would also walk around offering advice on color, blending techniques, and other tidbits, as well as offering positive praise for our efforts. We started with the beach portion of the painting.

A bit rough, but it was just the beginning.

A bit rough, but it was just the beginning.

About halfway through we took a break to grab some snacks and more wine before tackling the sky and water. She always demonstrated each part before helping us individually. We often checked out everyone else’s paintings, always seeming to like someone else’s more than our own. However, as we found ourselves putting the final touches on our paintings as the evening was coming to a close, I think we all started to appreciate our own work.

My final product. It looks better from further away, but I could only hold the camera so high.

My final product. It looks better from further away, but I could only hold the camera so high.

We took a group photo after and it was so cool to see how similar yet different each painting was. We all had our own interpretation, which made each painting unique but no less beautiful than the next.

I love how each painting is unique!

I love how each painting is unique!

I actually really want to frame my painting. I didn’t think it would be half as nice as it turned out to be. It might not be professional quality, but I’m definitely happy with it!

If you have an opportunity to participate in one of these workshops where you live, I highly recommend it. Grab your mom, some girlfriends, whoever and sign up. It’s a lot of fun, the time flies by, and you come away with something special to remember the evening by.

Question: Have you ever participated in a Sip n Paint event? What did you paint?


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