Pinspire Me Friday – Volume 17


I love short weeks. Although I tend to forget what day it is, I do find that they really do go by faster most of the time. I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Whoo hoo!

That means it’s time for another Pinspire Me Friday post 🙂

How many of you sit at a desk for all or most of your day? I do and even though I try to get up and move about or monitor my posture, I usually catch myself failing miserably at both. This week I have two pins for us desk dwellers.

This is a really important stretch for me.

Levatore Scapulae Stretch. This is a really important stretch for me. Source:

Thanks to poor posture despite sitting in a very fancy, expensive chair meant to ensure good posture, I get some nice shoulder/neck tightness and soreness. This stretch is a go-to for me to relieve that pain and muscle tension.

I couldn't stop with just one stretch. Here's a whole list! Source:

I couldn’t stop with just one stretch. Here’s a whole list! Source:

I’m pretty good about stretching after a work out, but I definitely could see how getting up and moving, doing some stretches like these, and monitoring my posture could have really positive effects. In fact, it’s helped in the past but I guess I either get a bit lazy or just start focusing on all the other things I need to do.

Hopefully you find these a bit helpful, even if you don’t sit at a desk all day.

I’m off to a half marathon tomorrow. Can’t wait to share a recap!


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