Pinspire Me Friday: Volume 18


In the midst of my Pinterest feed, among the multitudes of cute puppies someone apparently got carried away with pinning, was this gem:


After being unable to motivate myself the last few days, this struck a chord with me. How often do we let our days get away from us? How often do we let the feelings of stress, frustration, and even our lack of motivation take control? For me, it’s probably more than I’d like to admit.

There’s probably no easy way to not let this happen. Sometimes there’s too much on our plates. Sometimes there’s too little. We’re challenged too much. We’re not challenged enough. The reasons are endless. In the end though, we’re the only ones that can take control and maybe that’s all we need to know to empower us to do the running.

So go out there and take control of your day. Tackle your to-do lists, get in that training run or a visit to the gym, celebrate the end of the week with friends. Run the day.


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