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Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary Victoria’s Secret Incredible Sports Bra and a pair of capris to test and review courtesy of Influenster. The following opinions are honest and 100% my own.

A few weeks ago I received notice from Influenster that I would be receiving their Victoria’s Secret VoxBox with an Incredible Sports Bra and a bottom of some kind. I was excited to say the least. About a week or so later, the box arrived.

My Victoria's Secret VoxBox!

My Victoria’s Secret VoxBox!

I received a patterned Incredible sports bra and a pair of Knockout capris in gray, as well as some bonus materials such as these 25% off coupons to share with friends.

There are so many? Can't wait to share!

There are so many! Can’t wait to share!

I couldn’t wait to try on the sports bra and capris. I was a bit nervous about the sports bra because I am rather well-endowed up top and require a lot of support to keep exercise comfortable. I prefer as little movement as possible when running and at the gym, especially on cardio days when we’re doing box jumps, ladders, and whatever else they think up.

Overall, I think the Incredible is a well made sports bra. I love that it comes in a ton of great patterns and colors and a variety of sizes. I wasn’t remotely worried about the underwire because it appeared well protected. My initial concerns were how low cut it appeared to be, it’s lack of adjustability in the straps, and that it only had two hook-and-eye closures (but three rows of them like most bras).

I put on the capris and was impressed. They’re stretchy, but offer great compression. They have a higher rise so no muffin top if that’s a concern for you. Even being the light gray, I don’t think they’ll show sweat when working out or running due to the material. The material is thicker so it’ll be great for in the gym and on runs as the cool fall weather rolls in, and it does not appear to be a type of material that will pill. I’m looking forward to getting great use out of them.

Next on was the sports bra. Overall it fits well, but can be a bit tricky to get on. It’s no worse than any other sports bra though. It is a bit too low cut in the front for me. I do wear tops over my sports bras, but when in a push-up position or plank, I could see my cleavage definitely putting on a show. I did check out some of the other sports bras from Victoria’s Secret and the Knockout has a bit more coverage and might be worth checking out. With the Incredible I did like the separate cups, the underwire was not the least bit uncomfortable, and my boobs did look quite nice.

The most important aspect of any sports bra for me is how much it will restrict breast movement, and this is where I ended up a bit disappointed. I did my bounce test, which consisted of me jumping up and down and jogging around my apartment. Sadly, the Incredible allows for too much movement for me to comfortably wear to run or to jump around during cardio-based workouts at my gym. I did decide to test it out at a cycle class at a local studio and it worked well, even when we were off the seat in a run. There was a bit of a bounce, but not enough to cause discomfort. I will most likely continue to use it for cycle.

Wearing my Incredible sports bra and heading off to Cycle.

Wearing my Incredible sports bra and heading off to Cycle.

One other issue I had was that the blue on the bra bled into the white in a few spots. The other colors were fine, but for some reason the blue was not. It’s not a big deal since I always wear a shirt over top, but just something that I thought should be shared.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Incredible sports bra. While it doesn’t offer the maximum support at least for someone with a larger cup size like myself, I think someone with A, B, or even C cups would enjoy wearing this sports bra.

A big thank you to Influenster and Victoria’s Secret for letting me participate in this VoxBox!

Just as a reminder, I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Question: Have you tried out a Victoria’s Secret sports bra or any of their other athletic gear? What did you think?


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