Pinspire Me Friday – Vol. 24


It’s time for a new recipe! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any recipes I’ve tried, but I had some success Wednesday night so here it is.

I’m a fan of risotto, but prior to making this recipe I’d only made it once. It takes forever and just was so very complicated to me, although I wouldn’t say I’m the most skilled when it comes to cooking. However, on Wednesday I was in the mood for risotto and thought I’d try to treat Gabe to something new and hopefully yummy after volunteering to cook that night.

I headed over to Pinterest and searched “easy risotto.” Tons of recipes claiming to be easy popped up. Despite not even liking mushrooms, Sally’s Perfect Mushroom Risotto caught my eye. I’m going to go ahead and direct you to her blog, Good Dinner Mom, for the recipe, as well as her wonderful tutorial on how to make risotto. Her photos are also quite nice and were definitely helpful to me while cooking.

I think Gabe was quite impressed I decided to tackle risotto again, especially when it included mushrooms. However, my thought was that I like risotto and it’ll probably mask the mushrooms’ texture and flavor enough that I won’t notice them. I think he was also quite impressed when I taught him a new technique for cooking mushrooms known as dry sautéing. Sally also has directions for that in the recipe post for the risotto.

Looks delicious (and was delicious)! PC: Sally, Good Dinner Mom

Looks delicious (and was delicious)! PC: Sally, Good Dinner Mom

Overall, I thought the recipe was really easy to follow and that it changed my mind a bit on how much of a pain it is to make risotto at home. My only issue was I did get tired of standing at the stove, but then again I had gone for a nice run before coming home to cook. Gabe and I both enjoyed it for our meal. It makes enough for at least four so I had some for lunch Thursday too.

I did find the 1-2 lbs of mushrooms the recipe calls for to be too many. I ended up making 1.5 lbs (they do shrink a ton when cooked) and by the time I was 3/4 of the way through my portion of risotto I’d had enough mushrooms. Take that with a grain of salt as you should remember I don’t really like mushrooms to begin with.

I definitely will make this again and might even experiment with some other vegetable options too. Let me know if you try it!



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